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I’m So Grateful

Before I continue with the Touch Series purge (if I even choose to continue), I decided it was more important to stop and express gratitude. First and foremost over everything else, I am grateful God loves me and Jesus died for me. Unless one has experienced this, there is no way to really explain how..

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Touch, A Series Part 1

FIRST JOB See this girls face, below?  That’s how I felt when I hooked up with Alpha Hubby. I felt skittish. I didn’t trust his love. I waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wondered what he really wanted. I was waiting to be proven right, that he was a hidden ax-murderer and was there..

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I Will Stand By You

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. — Anaïs Nin ****************** The first song on the playlist on the right, near the bottom is “I Will Stand By You”.  The lyrics to this song exemplify what Alpha Hubby has done for me.  This is what Alpha Hubby has meant to..

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