My blogger friend Stephanie, over at Momma’s Soapbox, and I are going to start a weekly posting about – hmmm – how should I say this? We don’t quite have a name yet but it will be about our Finding or Keeping Our Inner Aloha.

Steph just spent a month on Maui. Her main goal when returning to the mainland was keeping the inner peace she found living there a month.

We have both been working on improving our lives and becoming Better Me’s – to get better organized; simplify our lives; live the “less can be more” concept; take better care of our health by eating right, exercising, drinking water; get a better handle on finances through budget (and again, organization); protect that romantic side of marriage; and other things.

May sound like a lot to bite off but most topics we are dealing with in our lives are inner-related so when you get the main topic – like organization – it will help fix under topics like finances, housework, etc.

Then I am going to add a weekly thing – don’t know what it’s called – but a blog entirely dedicate to gratitude – thankfulness – saying what you are grateful for.Ā  Too many people focus on the negatives in life and totally miss the most amazing things.Ā  We take so much for granted – our sight and seeing beautiful sunsets – our hearts and their capacity to love so many and so much – our loved ones, and more.Ā  So I want to have one day a week where we simply list things we are grateful for.

I can’t think of any other changes right now – but I hope you will join Momma’s Soapbox and me on our journey to more peaceful lives – and also in thanksfulness! We will be posting our first Aloha posting in a few days! Stay tuned! And yes, all this has everything to do with my LBD journey – didn’t you know? Life can kick you in the teeth and send you straight to the chocolate (unless you learn how to deal with it right)!


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