Da dum… when the movie “Jaws” came out, there was a sound that was made signifying the shark was coming.  After that movie, that sound was used in jokes and spoofs for “danger” or “something is coming, looming, frightening!”  Well, that’s my swimming pool and treadmill – da dum, da dum, dadumdadumdadum… they’re looming in my future and I can run away in stark terror or I can buckle down and fight like a… LBD winner.

I have figured out that I can’t really expect great results with getting back into my LBD if I don’t incorporate exercise into my lifestyle.  Previously, I’ve talked about how you have to make the decision then follow-through.  People make decisions all the time but until that decision is turned into follow-through, it doesn’t count.

Someone I know put it best in a recent email to me: “The bottom line to the thought process… was that it is all in the mind… when you hit bottom you will (or I guess I should say “most people will”) react in a positive way – not think about it, not talk about it, not read about it, not study it, not care what any one else thinks – you will just DO IT – and be successful – end of story.”

He’s right.  I can talk about getting on that treadmill or in that pool all I want.  Until I just do it, I won’t be successful. 

So now the big test comes – to see what is inside me – dedication to my LBD plan or have I just been blowing hot air?  Da um, da dum…