So you know The Magic Dumbbell story is not true right?  The other day I got to thinking about how it seems as if famous people gain a lot of weight, then magically get it removed in record time.  We ordinary mortals make excuses that it is because  they can afford a personal trainer, they have scads of time to exercise, have their food delivered, have chefs, and have every advantage we don’t have, and THIS is why they lose the excess weight on their bodies so magically (seemingly).

Yet they are mere human beings who put that excess weight on the same way we do, one pound at a time. With a few exceptions, it comes off the same way.  I remember reading about one young star that had gained 60 pounds with her pregnancy and had 6 weeks before she had to show up, slender, on the set of a movie she was involved in. She said in the article that she cried a lot during her workouts because of all the physical work (and accompanying pain) she had to deal with just to quickly lose the weight she so carelessly put on.

Some say there are advantages for wealthier people but I beg to differ.  Have you seen Oprah? I don’t mean that in an ugly way. I mean that in a, “This is one of the wealthiest women in the world and she has trouble keeping her weight off”.  Mere human being.  Kirstie Alley battled weight gain after she had after great public success.  Think she likes having the whole world know what’s going on with her scale?  I doubt it seriously.  She faces the very same issues we face – following through and sticking with it. 

So the point of today’s blog?  For me, it was facing the many, many, many, many, (pause, deep breath), many, many, many, many, many EXCUSES I made to myself for why I “couldn’t” get the weight off.  I didn’t think they were excuses – but in the end, they were.

Ladies working toward their LBDs do not make excuses.  They face every thing with brutal honesty and face the fact that they are responsible for the condition they are in.  It is no one elses fault but ours. 

I do not mean that some of us may not have physical conditions that helped create the problem (i.e., I know one woman who lost her thyroid to cancer and began gaining weight).  I’m talking in general when you say, “I can’t lose the weight because…”  I’m asking you politely, this time, to LOSE THE WORD, “CAN’T”.   We will not be saying that word, ever again.  That word is our enemy.

WE CAN, WE CAN, WE CAN!  We don’t need a magic dumbbell (*sigh* if only).  We take responsibility and we CAN!


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