I gaze as the moon shimmers across his naked body
lost in the thought of who he is
and how blessed I am he’s in my life,
And how it is this passion is
hotter than it was in the beginning.
This man lying in my bed
emanating strength and power
boldly going where no man has gone before
taking a chance on me and
loving me totally, unconditionally, wholly.

Oh! Those who have no clue
and those who mock the ties that bind
and those who say their love is real
without those little pieces of paper.

It is far easier to cohabitate than it is to
swear eternal allegiance before God,
mean it by fighting for it,
tearing out those little things
that work to destroy forever.

Hah! You fool yourself and you do not know
the passions that come from total
and complete
founded on a Word, His Word,
far stronger than even the sweetest “I love you but…”

You can not know
what you have not known
and I do,
I do
have compassion for you.

© 2007 Nan C.

couple Passion
couple Passion


One night a couple of years ago, I couldn’t sleep.  The moon was filtering through the mini-blinds as I lay in bed, propped up on my elbow, gazing at this man who loves me so passionately.  There is so much fire and craving, adoration and romance that he has brought into my life.  I was so overwhelmed by him, his complete and utter love for me, and what he’s given to me, that I had to get up and write.  This is my relationship and in no way is meant to offend those who do not believe this way.

Serenade of Water, Piano – Zelda