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I’m In The Mood for Love

****** So Alpha Hubby’s birthday is tomorrow (or today, November 23rd if you’re reading on Thanksgiving which you shouldn’t be. You should be eating turkey in you’re in the USA). Pretty much the only thing he ever wants for his birthday is a (shhhh) rendezvous. Since Alpha Son is out of the house, we get..

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Happy Birthday, Baby

This is a holiday week – a week where people focus a little bit more on being Thankful. This is a birthday week – where a day that others celebrate as Thanksgiving, I will celebrate as Alpha Hubby’s birthday. Yes, his birthday falls on Thanksgiving day this year.  Appropriate since it is also a day..

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The Need for a Alpha Hubby Cam

Anytime I mention something that possibly, maybe, could be something Alpha Hubby did that – oh, how shall I express this… upsets me… I always get the answer that he’s innocent of all wrong-doing. He will say that even BEFORE I state what upset me. This started waaaay back when we were first married and..

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