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Mo’ Intimacy (#2)

So we left off in our last post with a promise of sharing some ideas to help you create, recreate or increase the intimacy in your relationship. A lot of it is just little things but those little things are more important than you may realize. I did say in the last post – I..

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Let’s Get It On

I entitled this post “Let’s Get It On” because the first song playing was Marvin Gaye’s version; apparently Hypster has removed all his versions of the song so it’s gone. Now it starts with Norah Jone’s “Turn Me On”, for inquiring minds. I read an article about “love after **” (** being a certain age). I..

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Love Says They Will

If you want to hear this love song below, you’ll need to go to the right and pause the music player. Just click on the || button! ************* The world says they’ll never make it… LOVE says they will. This is an older video someone posted on You Tube.  Look past the fuzzies and watch..

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