Happy Fathers Day Leland Loyd and Wayne Cook

June 20th, 2021

(Taken from Anointed Word Ministries website today. If you follow that blog, this is the same post)

Dunking Time

Today we celebrate fathers. Even though Joshua’s father moved to heaven two months ago, he still honors Leland W. Loyd on this day. My dad, G. Wayne Cook, moved in 2004 but he had great impact on Joshua (and, of course, me).

Leland was an incredible father – but he really didn’t start out that way. He had to learn how to be a godly father. When you don’t have a good (or any) role model you don’t really know how to function as a father. It’s a black hole. A total lack of knowledge.

But he learned. How? By spending time in the Word no matter where he was. By learning the way a REAL father was supposed to be. God taught him. Here he’s on vacation.

Reading Bible in Beauty

He had NO concept of a father’s love. He never experienced it in his life. He had to learn from God that he was loved, unconditionally and totally. He (MOST VITAL) also learned to forgive the past and everyone in it, including his own father’s lack (and who died at 40 when Leland was young).

Once he got that down in his Spirit, he began to understand a Father’s love and a father’s love. He began to apply what he learned from his Father and became the most amazing dad.

Work Consultation

Josh was also blessed because my father was a huge part of his life. He was also a wonderful influence on both Joshua and Leland. Leland often said Wayne was his best friend and mentor. He learned from my dad by watching and experiencing his love.

Yes, Josh even learned about taking the trash out. Even if it’s raining.

But. Even if you didn’t have the good influence of a father – or even one at all – or even several because there were multiple marriages – or boyfriends – or abuse or ??.  I can’t think of all the different ways someone can miss out on a godly influence in the form of a father. 

The important thing, like Leland, you do have a Father. He loves you. He will always love you. He believes in you, Supports you. Guides you through this life. Wants the best for you.

If you don’t know Him, He is just a “call” away – just talk to Him. Just tell Him you want Him to be your Father. 

If you do know Him but never thought of Him as YOUR father – ditto – call on Him! Tell Him everything. Talk to Him about anything you want to. He is there and He is listening – just like a dad.

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4 Responses to “Happy Fathers Day Leland Loyd and Wayne Cook”

  1. That’s amazing information about father. M miss my father so much. Thanks for sharing the article.
    Josie Poolook recently posted…How To Clean Salt Cell With VinegarMy Profile

  2. I really admire men who are excellent fathers despite never really having a role model.

  3. Mariette says:

    A difficult FIRST once more on this Father’s Day. What a meaningful Father’s Day posting and all its meanings. Joshua sure was blessed having a wonderful father. Sad for Leland losing a father at a young age 40. Sending you big hugs

    My Dad died on June 30, 2019 and I’m grateful for having followed my intuition for seeing him one last time – and in time!

    Never easy but with the help of our Heavenly Father we all manage.

    Mariette and Pieter

  4. Dearest Nan,
    What a meaningful Father’s Day posting in all its meanings!
    Joshua sure was blessed having a wonderful Father.
    Sad for losing a Father at the young age of 40…
    Sending you big hugs,
    MARIETTE VANDENMUNCKHOF-VEDDER recently posted…Pleasant Environment in Mexico with Great TeamMy Profile

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