Letter to My President, Donald J Trump

January 11th, 2021

Dear President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

My husband and I believe in you. We stand with you and want you to know you are not alone. There are millions of people who have not wavered in their trust in you.

We believe God put you in office, especially for such a time as this. It took a strong man and woman to deal with what we are seeing in politics today. It took a man who could not be compromised. A man who could not be bought. A man who listens to God, trusts God and knows America needs God.

You have been vilified by the press from Day 1, no, before that. They have lied and totally suppressed and ignored all the good you’ve done for America. Worst of all, so many American people believe the lies. They believe that the main stream media and social media were giving them facts. They took joy in insulting you, and saying and re-posting the lies so they spread to others.

Recently they bought into all the lies about January 6, 2021. I won’t go into that except to say that you have stood strong and firm. You are not a weak-willy who bends in the face of strife and hubris. So much hubris. My favorite word. Hubris: overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. 

You have been honest and forthright. You have not wavered in the face of gross betrayal from so many of those around you. We can’t even imagine how that has felt but we are glad you stood your ground for the good of America.

You have tirelessly worked to empty the swamp. There isn’t just a swamp. No, underneath that swamp there is a viper pit. Thank you for working to discover all. 

You took on a job to Make America Great again, not realizing it hasn’t been great in an unbelievably long time, even generations. Yet to those of us behind you, we believe you have started a good job. We also believe you will have four more years to do more. 

Faith means not going by what one sees and hears.  It means to trust God no matter what your surroundings say. Sir, Ma’m – have faith that God has your backs. Have faith that right and righteousness will overcome darkness. Every single time.

First Lady Melania, we know you can handle it until all see the truth they’re ignoring – not like it but handle it – because you are one strong woman. You are the very definition of a true First Lady. You both represent us and our America.

No, it’s not fun to be the light in a place that looks totally surrounded by darkness. I know Someone else who stood against darkness; He won. You win, too.

We are proud to call you our President and First Lady.

Leland and Nan Loyd


Let me end this post by saying that I know people won’t agree with me. I don’t care. I know most people out there haven’t even bothered to research the massive amount of evidence and proof. They just took the media’s word for it. I don’t care.

This is not about you, this is about me and a letter to my President and First Lady (and the honorable people who have stood by them). It’s my website. I pay for it. I can express what I want. I’m not asking you to agree.  I will delete any derogative, ugly, untruthful, and rude comment. I’ve seen enough out there. I’m not going to put up with that here.

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3 Responses to “Letter to My President, Donald J Trump”

  1. Trissa says:

    THANK YOU! You are the only one to whose writings I subscribed who obviously shares my convictions and those of my family. Am sitting here crying after having read your letter. Thank you profoundly from the depths of my being for your expression of love, courage and devotion to God!

  2. Dearest Nan and Leland,
    We’re with you totally and yes, there have been such vile reactions on other blogs that I’d have to remove those blogs.

    One can only be very grateful to God for such a strong Leader and a Graceful First Lady we have had.

    Big Tech ought to feel ashamed for many reasons.
    May God protect our President and the people he fought for, those that still believe in God!
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  3. Leland says:

    I am honored to stand with you.

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