One in A Million… Him

August 20th, 2021


I only had 27 years with the love of my life. We didn’t meet until we were 41 and 42. I often wonder, since he moved out and went to heaven, if I would rather have had 27 years then lose him – or would I rather have not had him at all so that I didn’t have to deal with the pain of life without him.

This song was one of the ones we loved to dance to in the living room, candles, usually fireplace fire, romance. I would always try to sing it to him – he loved my voice – but every single time, I choked up and couldn’t get past the lump in my throat. He loved that, too.

I don’t know if I told you this story or not, but he couldn’t dance. He had no rhythm and no matter what, just couldn’t find it. This is the type of man he was:

The first Christmas after we married (in March), his office was having a huge party at the country club. We got to dress up (he wore his suit, and I glittered). After we arrived at the country club, he sat in the car for a minute, then confessed: “I can’t dance.” 

I said, “Okaaay?” – and he went on, “I know you love to dance. I wanted you to have a wonderful time tonight” and I tried to interrupt to tell him that just being with him was wonderful enough but he went on:

“I asked God to teach me how to slow dance. To help me to move enough that we could dance without me embarrassing you.”  I said, “As if…”

And that evening was everything a woman could dream of. Dancing in the arms of a manly man who loved her enough to admit he couldn’t dance, and admit he asked for supernatural help.

No, we didn’t dip and swing out.  We wouldn’t have won any dance contests, either. But if there was a prize for the most romantic man and gesture ever, he won. That night was magical.

He moved slowly, with a slow type of rhythm. He moved his feet correctly. He held me so close and whispered sweet love words in my ear… well no, not really. He was 6’2″ and I was 5’1″ so he would have had to lean over a LOT.

So the truth – with or without him. 27 years or none. I choose the 27 years I had him. I had something rare, something few people ever find. Yes, it was cut short but I was able to experience a one in a million him.  I am grateful.  

A One in a Million You Lyrics

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3 Responses to “One in A Million… Him”

  1. Tammy says:

    Oh what a precious story Nan. Y’all were as close to a perfect couple as you could get. All the little things… Like the phone calls every day at noon… For years. He loved you so much.. yóu could see it in both your eyes. I miss him… As a sweet friend and the love of your life. I’m glad you had 27 years with him. I love you both so much

  2. Merz says:

    It has been a while since I commented. I loved all your love stories about Alpha hubby. I am going to miss him through your stories. This one was so good. You really had something most don’t. I don’t even think they try. It is like they go through the motions . I hope you are ok.

  3. Dearest Nan,
    What a touching tribute to your TRUE LOVE.
    Indeed, most people never get to experience such feelings.
    Treasure them for as long as you live.
    Big hugs,
    Pieter & Mariette
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