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What do you believe?

Those who need to lose a significant amount of weight (the number is your choices; it is different for every individual), realize that WHAT you believe is vital to your success.  If you believe, ‘It’s too hard” or “I can’t do it” then you are right.  If you believe, “I can’t!” you are right. JESUS..

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D-Day May 6th

Nan: Ok, tomorrow is May 6th. Maaaaay 6th. Wednesday, a good day, May 6th. Unfortunately, on my calendar, there is a tiny entry stating, “Begin exercising re: Caro.”  Tomorrow, May 6th. Oh joy. I went to bed last night thinking about that tiny entry on my calendar.  I woke up this morning thinking about that..

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Weight Loss Confessions #1

1.      I don’t desire to eat so much I become or continue to be overweight. 2.      I present my body to God; my body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which dwells in me. 3.      I am not my own, I am bought with a price; therefore, in the Name of Jesus, I refuse..

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