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JOY: I’m Being Erased!

There was an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie entitled, “The Eraser.”  His job was to go in and erase all evidence of a person’s existence.  He was to prepare a woman to enter a Witness Protection Program so he got rid of everything that showed her existence including her records like driver’s license, birth certificate; personal effects..

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The Six Frogs

                                                                                                                   Six frogs were sitting on a log. Five frogs decided to jump off the log. How many frogs were left on the log? SIX.  Just because they decided to jump doesn’t mean they jumped.    A decision is only as good as the follow-through.  I’ve decided a hundred times to lose this..

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The Magic Dumbbell

    Once upon a time there was a bee-you-tee-full Hollywood movie star who had been pregnant then delivered a beautiful baby girl. She had a movie premier she needed to appear at, but alas!  When she looked down at her body, she squawked and cried aloud, “Alas! I have put on 50 pounds. Oh woe is..

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