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So, I finally got on the scale and *phew* discovered I was one pound under where I was before the binge-light started.  I am glad I didn’t get on the scale sooner just because I would have been so upset with myself.  I had already noticed that the week prior to getting back on the scale, I really didn’t like myself.  I was disappointed in my choices and myself.

You know, it just doesn’t do to get upset with yourself.  It isn’t good to kick yourself for a perceived failure.  It is wrong to fuss at yourself and chastise yourself and be mad at yourself and criticize yourself and be unhappy with yourself and moan and groan about how stupid you were and, in plain, be your own worst enemy. Stop that . There are plenty of people around you who can do that for you. YOU need to be your own BEST cheerleader.

In order to get back into our Little Black Dresses, we need to support ourselves, really support ourselves. We need to continually believe that we can eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, AND really know that we can do it. If you don’t believe in you, why should anyone else?

It may take a lot of practice, this being on your own side for a change. It might take reminding yourself continually, “No, I don’t speak that way anymore, I am now going to speak well of myself.” Keep it up, day in and day out. Get up saying, “I can do this.” Go to bed saying, “I can do this.” Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, until you finally BELIEVE what you are saying.

Start being on your own team. Don’t allow any negativity around you from anyone, but especially from yourself.  Even if you are the only one on your team right now, YOU are the most important person you have to convince, not everyone else.  YOU CAN DO IT.  I KNOW YOU CAN!

Go team, go!!

Rah rah rah!!

3 thoughts on “RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH!

  1. Yeah Nan! You go girl. I’m still frightened to get on the scale. I put on a pair of pants today and I thought.. okay they’re a little tight.
    Then I got to work and thought…. geesh I am SO undoing the button at the waist! I’m dying here.
    THEN I looked at the size. NO wonder they were tight… they are my skinny pants!
    I guess it’s a good thing I could get them over my hips huh? So, for today Ra Ra! Can’t buttom them and can’t breathe very well……but they are on. LOL I will definitely put these in the ‘too little’ pile tonight when I get home haha

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