I am not going to do a motivational post about resolutions, changes, goals, and the like. People focus on leaving behind things that are not good – like not exercising.

I am focusing on things I want to drag into this new year. I am dragging in Alpha Hubby and his ways of romancing me.

I am leaving behind the things I “might” think are… ummmm… perhaps, aggravating?

I mean, really. He is an amazing man and husband. REALLY amazing. However, I think there is a disconnect in his brain that, after 25 years and 10 months, he should have pieced together and figured out.

There have been pantries that he built me for what I’m about to reveal. Both houses we’ve been in, he built me incredible pantry areas or rooms. Those might have been a clue?

This crime? The “We still have some left (in the jar, on the roll, etc.,)” versus “I don’t want to run out.” I even have a system wherein once I begin to use the next to the last of something, I make a note on the shopping list to pick up another to replace it. I like having a surplus of needed and necessary items.

Alpha Hubby? He’s of the camp that, “We can always make a run to the store.” My camp says, “I hate running out so I like surplus.” Plus, there is no way I want to use tissue or paper towels when I run out of toilet paper.

It is the difference in the way he thinks and the way I think. Should I let this aggravate me?

Well, tonight he was in the living room playing love songs loud enough to reach the room I marked as my office. This one from YouTube above is one of them. There are several tear-jerk songs he plays that always melt my heart. It’s a way he expresses his love for me.

So, on one hand we have the difference of “meh” and “more than enough” versus romantic love songs we can dance to in the living room. Which do you think is more important to me?

Hand me the Kleenex box, baby! I may be out of toilet paper but I love the way you love me!

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