Ch ch ch changes…

March 16th, 2010

****Another Most Excellent Journey Update: HERE. (4/02/10)****

****Another Update: I lost 3 pounds; this is prior to starting my Deal-A-Meal cards today. I am VERY excited about this. If you get a chance, check out this posting on Worms and Willpower – it will help you STOP the negative dialogue in your head.. (3/22/10)****

****Quick Update to this Post: Richard DID kick my bootie. OH MY GOSH I forgot how that VHS is from the devil. You start moving and DO NOT STOP FOR 40 MINUTES. I haven’t done that in ages. But, hooray, I did it today. Do you hear me Alpha Son??? I DID IT TODAY. And it was fun and the time flew by and I will do it again in the morning.(3/16/10)****

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program with an emergency bulletin. Well, no, not really but…

I am going to interrupt this blog for a bit. I am totally frustrated with how slow things have been moving along so I am going to punch up the exercise portion of my journey. Alpha Son is marrying his long time girlfriend in Vegas in September and I want to lose as much as I healthily can before then.

I am going to concentrate on doing what is important – drinking that water, portion control, hitting that treadmill, working the weights, and then I am going to add in this – don’t laugh – he can kick your bootie (& he’s in his 60’s now, can you believe that???):


I used to do the VHS Sweatin’ to the Oldies 1 and 2 years ago, and it worked.  I think what happens is that when something is funny and fun, you don’t think it can work – but it does.  The trick is to MOVE, DO SOMETHING, don’t just sit on your size too-big bootie in those stretch slacks with the elastic waist reading blogs about losing weight.  You KNOW you want real zip up jeans with no elastic in the waistband!

I have Momma’s Soapbox to thank for my renewed interest in these old tapes.  Her last few postings about getting “back in the saddle again” and “taking control” of her life and excess weight really talked to me.  She made a statement and part of it jumped out at me:  “…not doing anything about things I don’t like about myself and in my life.”  I have no one to blame if this excess weight doesn’t come off if I am not willing to do what it takes for that to happen.  I have no right to gripe and complain if I, me, myself, I am not doing anything about it.

Drop over there and read her posts; they will encourage you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.




The only way I can do that is take responsibility for where I am today.  I have to do whatever it takes to get back in shape.  It is my ONLY job right now if I want to live long and live strong.

To that end, I will not be posting here again until I have lost 10 pounds.  I am going to concentrate, give attention to, think about, work with, and focus on Richard (with Alpha Hubby’s enthusiastic support) and working on those 10 pounds.

I am going to LIVE MY BEST LIFE.


This bracelet is a perfect reminder. You can get it here.

Or even better, Love the Life YOU Live (


16 Responses to “Ch ch ch changes…”

  1. Way to go honey. I just got back on my workout train. I have been off the train for quite some time due to all the other stress. And looking back…the exercising would probably have helped out in the stress levels I was dealing with. I am back on the Pilates and Jillian Michaels. I forgot how TOUGH she was. MAN!!! But…I am already feeling my size 16s fit better. So that…THAT..makes me smiley!!!

  2. cottagegirl says:

    I LOVE it you beautiful girl, you! You can do it!!!!!!

    I'm finding that I've been at the computer less this week because of the great weather! I think my bottom has stopped growing!!!!

    Go get 'em, KS!!! You can do it!

    2 things to remember… Resting is rusting … and loosing weight has everything to do with how you're thinking!

    Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!!!

    • LBDdiaries says:

      Thank you! Resting is rusting – that's good. In my world, resting was growing… bigger and bigger!? And you're right – my thoughts were pretty negative, “I can't, it doesn't, I won't, it's not” – those thoughts are being reprogrammed now!? Whoo hoo! Richard and I, we're a team (snicker).

      • I like that cottage girl! Resting is rusting and you are right Nan in my case resting was also growing! Yeppers we are dumping negative thoughts and jumpin' on the skinny train! Day by day, pound by pound…… Work it girl! I'm right there with ya!

        • LBDdiaries says:

          This train is bound for… skinny, this train!? This train is bound for skinny, this train!? This train is bound for skinny, we won't stop until we're happy – this train is bound for skinny, this train!!
          Whooo whoooo – I know I know – been seeing too much of Richard lately.

        • cottagegirl says:

          That's right Nan & Steph … resting is growing!!! I'm joining in, if it's OK … with you both … and Richard!

          • LBDdiaries says:

            YOU BET! I can't think of a better, more positive person to work with on this journey!? I have learned that the up attitude and positive talk keeps the focus!? Oooo – I'm beginning to sound like Richard – help me, help me!!? I'll be wearing little tiny striped shorty shorts next – augh!

      • cottagegirl says:

        You and I have been on the same negatory wave lengths … Look out world here we go!

        • So glad you are in cottagegirl! We are on a mission. We all need to meet up in our swimsuits at the end! =)

          I'm really excited! choo choo.

          And nan……If you want we can all spont tiny striped shorty shorts like your bofriend….ehem….. friend……Richard.

  3. Woooooooo hoooooooooooo so proud of you! And I'm so so so very happy that my post gave you the nudge you needed. I'm just on a mission! And knowing we are all working at this together just makes it that much easier and exciting! I feel better already and I know this is just the beginning!

    I love the bracelet with the dangle charm! That is so cute! And what a reminder.

    PS Your son cracks me up!

    You can do this girlio! We can do this! Remember together we can make a difference. We are going to be rockin' bikini's by next month….. OKAY OKAY…… but we are going to be smaller and feeling better!

    Loved your post! As I love all of your posts!

    This is a long PS isn't it?

    Oh one more thing. Nan and Richard sitting in a tree…..k-i-ss-i-n-g……

    That's all I have………….for now…..

  4. Josie says:

    You and your son, I assume that other commenter is your son? You are so funny! So would you have to pay him to make you exercise or pay him to go away?

    • Joshua says:

      Haha she would have to pay me for both!

      You did it this morning good for u. Do it again this afternoon.

  5. Sue says:

    That is a good point. We can read about health and exercises but until we do something we aren't doing anything. It is kinda sneaky because you think you are doing good but you aren't because all you are doing is studying not applying.

  6. Joshua says:

    You better or i'm about to take control of this. U wont like that 'cause i'm worse than that short-shorts wearing white legged guy. Remember when I found your stash of chocolate and I took it away. Been awhile but if i have to get involved it will be worse. Not only will it cost u financially, it will be tough. You have 2 weeks to lose the 10 pounds or i will be up there on my days off and i will make u do the excersises. Of course i will be by your side but dont make me but i will. I'm tired of excuses mom. i love u but its time for change for u and me. So put your gameface on, its butt kickin time.

    • LBDdiaries says:

      And HOW long has it been since you took my stash of chocolate?? I haven't had any in the house since then.? There is NOTHING in the house – ask me how I know.? i went on a search the other night when I as having a chocolate craving.? NOTHING in the house, DO YOU HEAR ME?? The store was closed and I made it through without eating any chocolate, not even the short short wearing white legged guy's chocolate?stash for his chocolate milk.
      Yep, game face time – time to quit talking the talk and start walking the?walk.? NO more TALK.? That's what I realized – I was reading and reading all thsi good stuff about nutrition, exercises, etc., but I wasn't?DOING?anything – jsut reading.
      so OK bud – how long until you lose 10 pounds too?

      • Joshua says:

        i guess 2 weeks till i lose 10 pounds to. But its not about me now is it. If want to blog then its about you. If you dont want to blog again then i guess i will be down when i get off work to kick your butt. so dont let it go that far

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