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30 Days of Intimacy

Pamela over at Road to Joy issued me a challenge I couldn’t walk away from. Now, I’m not one of those people that you can double-dog Scooby Doo dare and I get all puffed up and take that dare! No. Pamela simply said, “My hubby’s better than your hubby, my hubby’s better than yours! My hubby’s better ’cause he gets 30 days oh, my hubby’s better than yours!!”*

NO, not really. But she would have. If she’d thought of it. She actually said, “We’ll join you” after I said, “I think I am going to do this.” I’d read an article posted on her site entitled, “Couples that Make You Want to Puke.”  We also talked about 30 Days of Intimacy.  She explained it to me this way:

I challenge you to resolve to have 30 consecutive days of intimacy and see what happens.  A substitute for intercourse is (oh my gosh did Nan let her say that word on this blog? All out there for everyone to see? Yes. Yes I did. Grow up. What are we, in junior high school? I am married and intercourse is NOT a dirty word. Say it with me everyone! IN… TER… COURSE!!! See? That wasn’t bad at all, now, was it!? OH, OK. some of you can’t say it.  So let’s say carnal knowledge, shall we? No? Copulation? That just sounds nasty.  Love Making? OK!)

couple gazing


Anyway, if you can’t make love — hold hands, kiss, look into each other’s eyes, and tell the other everything you love about them.  Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen with Alpha Hubby!  I can see it now!  “Oh honey,” I”ll gush, “let’s take this challenge to have 30 days of intimacy!”  He’ll ask, “What’s that entail” and I’ll say, “It is so exciting!  We’re gonna hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and… TALK.”  Talk ’cause that is all he’s gonna hear – that word.  Tawww-king.  He’ll growl.  Trust me. (But he DOES talk to me, and listens extraordinarily well!)



Day 1 for us was last night.  I’ll tell you what I can freely share in a few minutes.  In the meantime, I want to issue you a challenge – are there any lovely couples out there who feel brave enough to take on this challenge?  Yep!  Pamela and I double-dog dare you!  Let’s resolve, in our relationships, to have carnal knowledge for the next consecutive 30 days (unless it is just impossible, then find other ways to be intimate).  I can hear the hubbys’ now – hear that loud cheering?  Stephanie over at Momma’s Soapbox and Maegan from Plus Size Barbie will be joining us so there ARE other brave souls out there.

couple hands bible
There is a LOT that goes into this, if you’ll just take time to think about it.  When I think of 30 Days of Intimacy, I think of several things also involved – atmosphere, attire, time, scheduling, timers, candles, yes, hand-holding, and yes, talking. Part of the problem with couples getting intimate is that they’ve let it slip down their list of important things to do.  We’re challenging you to take it back up to the top of the list.  Remember when you first met – you were each others thrill, tingle and #1.  Remember waiting for him to call? The angst of trying to figure out what to wear for a date? Well, we believe at the end of 30 days, it’s gonna be BET-TAH than that, bay-be!!

couple fireplace


Me?  Oh, all I have to say about last night is:

couple from-here-to-eternity_beach-scene

From Here to Eternity.  What?  You thought I was going to TELL you??  That is NOT what this blog is about. But I will hint.  It was a beautiful star-lit night. There was romantic music playing through the outside speakers. There was slow dancing.  To this particular song you may hear playing, as a matter of fact.  There was kissing of tears off of face.  I think he read a romance novel.  Oh, he was good.  No, I’m wrong.  I think he read ME.  I usually sing to him; I kept choking up. After 16.7 years of marriage.

couple holding

There was… laughter when the outside seduction didn’t work out and the supposedly romantic music was awful!  There was clammy, cold outside chaise cushions.  So there was a changing of CD and location.

Tango Fog

We, Alpha Hubby and I, decided that we were going to have a LOT of fun with this.  I am really curious to see how much it changes our intimacy level after 30 days.  I mean, we’re pretty good now – but it’s already developed a higher anticipation!

So – are  you READY?  Will you and yours take our double-dog dare?  Will you make the committment to 30 Days of Intimacy?  And yes, you HAVE to tell your hubby.  He has to be aware and willing to do his part in creating intimacy.  For some, it may take a little bit to warm up that old engine – but that’s what this is all about – Intimacy in the Real World!

couple hot

I love this picture.  You don’t SEE anything yet passion screams off the page, doesn’t it?  Well here’s what ticked me off.  I put in “romantic couple” in my istockphoto account and mostly dull, bland, blah, skipping through the fields pictures came up, especially of older couples (i.e., over 20).

I got news for you – this is what I, ME, MYSELF, I WANT.  So does Alpha Hubby.   Hawt.  Intimacy that means we are connected to one another, in private and in public.  The intimacy most of us had at the beginning of our marriage before life got in the way.   And if you didn’t?  Well, take our challenge.  See if things haven’t changed at the end of 30 days.

Romantic couple2


And bloggers?  Plan to tawk – got that?  Keep a 30-day diary somewhere. Jot your thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, and progress down. Jot down if it is too difficult one evening and what you did about it. Jot down how you created an atmosphere. Ve vill be asking qvestions and you vill tawk!  If you will join us – say so in the comment section!  Plan to blog about our challenge, too, linking back to us (Pamela will blog on Friday – check her out at Road to Joy).

I don’t think you can go wrong with 30 Days of Intimacy because ALL marriages can use a boost, not matter where they are on the intimacy scale! Most of all – HAVE FUN AND LAUGH A LOT!


*Ken-L Ration jingle and commerical from 1960’s – Wikipedia and
and You Tube Song.

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33 thoughts on “30 Days of Intimacy

  1. I am betting that J and I will be able to join you. We still have the passion and the fire and the “can’t keep our hands of each other syndrome” because we are still so new. But…as for intimacy…life has started to try and get in the way. And when I say life I mean her work….so, I will check, but I am sure tomorrow I will be tweeting you to tell you that we are in.

  2. And that’s the point! LIFE gets in the way and people stop remembering the intimacy and that personal connection they had in the beginning. STOP it in its tracks! Some of us will have more work than others but like Pamela said, what is important is ANY connection and building up of intimacy!

  3. Oh my….hot flushes just reading this – but maybe that is early menopause kicking in…….nWill drop you a long overdue email….. x

  4. Just cool Mez – thank you for trying “the old college try” – ho. I don’t think you’ll regrest it! Remember to keep a daily diary – so you don’t forget things by the end of 30 days – I know you can write – you were in college, right?????

  5. I’ve been tweeting #30days and have snagged a few more participants. I’m working on my Friday post to blast out. I’m thrilled to see more of you on here getting in on the “action.” Woo hippo.

  6. You have the best music on your site. I usually don’t like automatically played music but yours is like all oldies and brings back good memories! I am going to dig out my oldies CDs and surprise my husband tonight. Boy will be be surprised!

  7. I’m writing you an email even as I’m reading this!! I just KNEW you and Ken were going to be a part of this – that comment… I’m still snickering!

  8. OH Yeah Baby, We’re IN! I think its a good idea to use #30days for Tweets as well! We’ll start today! I followed you guys on Twitter! My Twitter name is Maeganj. I’m so excited to get started and so is Ken!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! I want in. My big guy wants in . We want in. I can’t imagine 30 DAYS in a row but we are going to give it the old college try, ha, since we met in college!

  10. I think I will be in. I need to check with my husband but I’m pretty sure he’ll want to try this. I mean, I can already see where it is going to take some work and some rearranging but he is the most important thing on my to do list, right?

  11. I am, even as I type, needing to get up and “prepare” for the return of the triumphant Alpha Hubby from a day of slaying dragons. I should have explained timers – I set the oven timer to go off the time I need to quit working and start getting ready. That way the day doesn’t get away with me. Miss Pamelot? We are going to have FUN, even if no one else does!!

  12. Woo hoo (not hippo), Nan! Yes, Eric and I are “in.” What in the world do we have to lose by spending time together, becoming closer? Nada. I’ll spread the word to my readers on Friday. Meanwhile, Eric is in India, so we are having to start our 30 days with distance intimacy. We’ve had a lot of practice with this distance version, unfortunately! nn

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