So let me see.  It is April 4th so Day 4 of our 30 Day Challenge!  My first one was at the bottom of the Challenge instructions – I am switching it to its own page so I can keep track better (and so that challenge post isn’t quite so LONG).

Day #1 was his attention to details – page post here.

Days 2-3 – I obeyed the rules by twittering – let me go see what I said – ‘cause I don’t remember! 

Day #2 – 12:59 I can say another thing about my man! I love how romantic he is. In all my life, never had that. He made up for it all #30positivedays

Day #3 – Day #3 of #30positivedays – I love his faithfulness to me & things important.


Day #2 – he is the most romantic man.  I told him once that it was easy for him since I had never had romance in my life.  He is gifted in the romance department – I don’t mean in gifts (although he ain’t shabby there) – but in his entire focus on me.  He calls me every day at the same time, after lunch, just to chat with me. He has the words, the soft touch to the cheek, and the slow-dancing-in-the-kitchen thing down flat!  He is up for anything romantic.  He loves it all – which makes it easy on me – the candles, the makeup, the perfume, the soft music, the trail of clothing from the front door to the rendezvous spot – he’s very easy to vamp.  I feel spoiled rotten in his love.  He made waiting for him well worthwhile. 

Day #3 – He is the epitome of faithfulness to me and things important.  Alpha Hubby is a faithful man – not just to me and our marriage, but to every area of life.  If he had to dig ditches to support the family, he would (and has, figuratively).  Back when he was in between contracts, he drove 2 hours to work every day until the company transferred him closer to home.  He is a faithful father – loving, generous, kind, and a whole heck of a lot of fun.  He puts up with a lot – karate, wrestling – whatever Alpha Son had been watching on television came out in his Pink Panther Cato-attacks on his dad.

I remember when we first married, he was concerned that his (what he called) predictability would bore me.  He calls predictability the fact he comes home every day at the same time (with side-trip exceptions) and those aforementioned lunchtime calls.  I call that wonderful.  I love the security of knowing I can depend on him in this area.  No drama.

Today, Day #4 – hmmmm let me see – oh man, I love how he isn’t a couch potato!  In fact, when we first married, I had to teach him how to relax.  He was used to working until he dropped into bed at night.  I was used to relaxing after Alpha Son went to bed.  I had two hours – one to work (dishes, laundry, or get ready for next day) and hopefully one to just jell – do nothing but bathe then read.   He helped me work better, but I helped him chill!

Alpha Hubby is one of the hardest workers I know – even more so now that he’s taken on cattle after work (and before).  He is a faithful employee.  He states that God makes him look good on the job, but first he has to show up!   He remodeled our first home to the point he tripled its worth and increased its size significantly.  He does what it takes to create  a have for us.  He also does what it takes so that I can feel proud of my home – which I am, no matter what.  He is amazing in his faithfulness.

He has given me gardens, porches, decks, closets, bookshelves, larger kitchens, laundry room, pantries, floating beds – he is a creative builder and can do anything.  He’s up for a swim at anytime, or to go play anywhere.  I love that he is a hard worker and works hard for this family.

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