The past seven days have been super busy but I’m sure no busier than your lives have been.  I’ve been faithful to tell Alpha Hubby ways that I love him or ways he is wonderful.  It isn’t always easy because you tend to think you’re repeating yourself!  I think it is just that love has so many variations of the same theme – he is amazing!  Heh heh.

OK, OK, I hear you out there gagging.  Quit that.  It’s not polite.

So I want to list the next seven days since you last heard from me, but before that I have something to say.  THIS CHALLENGE IS HARD.  No, no, that’s not what I meant to say.

The other day Alpha Hubby and I got into a, ummm, elevated discussion, yeah, that’s it!  Over the most ignorant things.  Mostly because he was tired and I was too touchy.  The important thing is that in the middle of the disagreement or whatever it was, I remember thinking, “I wonder if this negates the challenge?”  Then I realized how ridiculous that was.

People who are passionate about life and one another will also have passionate disagreements.  Then they get to have passionate make-up… umm… you know.  What?  Discussions, I meant discussions. *Blush* why no, that’s not a sexy nightgown on the living room floor.  Why do you ask?  That old dustrag?  *Ahem* moving right along.

I know sometimes people believe that because I share all the positive things about this amazing relationship I have, that it’s not real or I’m not telling the truth.  It is like, if we don’t talk badly about one another, then it’s not really true.  I’m hear to tell you, it is the way it is simply because we made a choice NOT to bad mouth one another, ever.  Not even to each other.  We rarely have passionate disagreements but when we do, boy howdy!!

It may be difficult to sometimes NOT say, “You always” or “You never” sentences but we work very hard not to.  We also work hard to stay honest as in, one not thinking they are perfect while the other is always at fault.  Nah, we all know I am NEVER wrong.  Oh, hmmm, maybe that is a slight exaggeration.  Let us just say that Day #15 is that I love how he keeps me from taking myself so seriously and leave it at that.  He always fights fair, grrrrr.

Sure we have disagreements.  After all, you can’t take two strong people, put them in the same house and expect each one to always bow to the other’s way.  We had to learn – and always work on – how to fight fairly and learn when one has better insight than the other.  Doesn’t mean wrong – just better insight.  The truth is, we work to keep the honeymoon going on and on and on…

Day #13 – I love that he gets into the animated movies as much as I do – anything Pixar!  Some Disney.  Ever since the studio’s got smart enough to throw in enough adult humor – not the x-rated kind, the humor adults understand versus only little kid stuff – anyway, they realized parents were taking kids to the movies when parents were enjoying it as much as the kiddies.  Like the Penguins of Madagascar – hysterical.  Or Shrek 1-3, Ice Age 1-55, Monster’s Inc, Wall-E, Megamind, and on and on.  We have a lot of fun and laughs.

Day #14 – I love how he can make me belly laugh so much it hurts. He has a  self-deprecating sense of humor when he’s not poking fun at me!  There is laughter in the house far more than those pesky elevated discussions, and that is wholly due to Alpha Hubby’s humor.  He is so easy to live with .  I have never had one doubt that we were always going to be OK!

Day #15 – mentioned above.  My life had been so serious in so many ways but he helped me chill.

Day #16-19 – I forgot to write them down on Twitter so I can’t remember.  So I will just say here that I love how he passionately and completely loves me.  He is ferocious in his love and support for me. 

I also like how he and Alpha Son (AS) play – verbally and physically.  My all time defining moment was years ago when AS was little and Alpha Hubby and I were first married.  We were adjusting to being a family.  Alpha Son was outside in the little plastic swimming pool, playing.  Alpha Hubby suddenly got up to see how AS was doing – and when he realized AS wanted him to play, my very straight-laced, serious, anal engineering hubby stepped right into the pool with his jeans on, sat right down and played.  They splashed, laughed, and AS thought it was THE most hysterical thing – that Alpha Hubby would get in with his clothes on.  That was it for me.  My heart was a goner, always and forever.

I like how he lets me set the table and then force him to eat by candlelight using one of many sets of china and old fashioned silver (or in the above case, gold plated), linen napkins and fancy tablecloths!  No grumbling about not being able to see the food.  He is such a good sport – but more than that, he is a very romantic man.

And last but not least, I do love – I am so so so sorry here, babe.  I really am.  I can’t stand in one moment longer.  I love his – oh OK, I will say it in a way that might seem less offensive to Alpha Hubby – I love his derriere.  Looks really good in those jeans and out of them.  ‘Nuff said.  NO!  I’m not showing you guys pictures – I’d like to live through this 30 Day Positive Talking Challenge!  But if I could, I would.  Really!


Always and Forever, Luther Vandross


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