One of the things I told Alpha Hubby when I met him was that I loved strongly and had a lot of love to give.  In my past, I’d actually had someone say that I loved too much and it was overwhelming.  Of course, now I can look back and see that the problem wasn’t with me, but at the time it scarred me a wee bit. 

Then along comes Alpha Hubby.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “But that’s perfect because I need a lot of love.  You can give me all the love you have and I will love it and cherish it all.”

Yeah.  I gotta tell you, true love ROCKS.

And that’s my Day 20 – that he loves how much love I have to pour out onto him.  He’s like a sponge, soaking up my love, and squeezing out his own love for me which matches mine in passion and excess!  And yes, he’s gonna love me come rain or come shine… but he works awfully hard to make it SHINE here, all the time.

Day 21 is how amazingly hard working and hard playing Alpha Hubby is.  When I first met him, he was an all work, no play type of guy.  A perfect example of Type A engineer.  Very serious.  Boy has THAT changed.  He now plays as hard as he works.  He works a 60 hour work week for the nuclear plant, then works the ranch and 7 spoiled cows (bulls & heifer, too, learning proper terminology here) that we just started.  This is all on top of remodeling this house which is Day 22.

I love how he listens to me when I ramble on about things, discerns what I like and then works to give it to me.  Of course, we both wanted a bigger kitchen than we had in our other house but what he’s given me shows how clearly he listens.

He knew I wanted to get back to cooking with gas so he prepared the countertop to covert to gas from our electric cooktop.  Of course, he built the countertop, too.  What was here was so small as to be worthless for cooking.  He knew I wanted a kitchen with the Mediterranean influence and worked to develop on that theme. 

I think he did an amazing job (not only enlarging the use-area of the kitchen, but drawing in the useless dining area to help!  I call it useless because their dining table was in the middle of the room – which is the walkway from one room to another – so you’d have to go around it all the time.   To me, that’s a waste of space and energy.  By creating an island that diverts traffic, and is good for more storage AND eating, while still leaving enough for the dining room table (that front door will disappear in the next remodel), he’s given me a kitchen that’s a dream to work in.

I am going to show you the before pictures (what the realtor posted when the house was for sale) and the almost after ones!  We still have to stain the current cabinets the dark walnut of the new island, change the floor tile, add a window behind the (oh goosebumps, I am so happy it’s up) hanging pot rack, and finish painting the walls the Magnolia Spray, a sort of buttercream color.

I really love what he’s given me – what do you think (and yes, he did all the work)?  Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Here we have the dining room/entry before – their stuff. 

After, put in short wall and island:

Kitchen before, smaller arch and island – note that AWFUL border that was around the entire kitchen:

 Kitchen after, enlarged opening to bring in dining room, added island in dining room:

Before, Kitchen and small island:

Kitchen, after:

Rest of Kitchen, before:

Rest of Kitchen, after.  Our fridge wouldn’t fit in the space allotted which is why the upper cabinets and right hand microwave slot had to go.  We don’t use a microwave and I want a large window to the right of the fridge, so it works out OK.

My most favorite thing – pot racks:

Tada!  I love it. I love working in it.  I love what the finished product will look like, too (esp. when all that bright yellow is painted away).  I love that THIS is coming in the next day or two – whoo hoo (sorry it’s blurred)!  Do you SEE that large pot burner in the middle?  I’m in luv!

Yeah, life is good.  Not because of this stuff, but because of the man who’s heart is bigger than Texas.  And we all know what those Texan’s say about bigger…  Baby?  I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you… and all that implies.


Come Rain or Come Shine, Idina Menzel

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