I’d much rather have my previous song – Come Rain or Come Shine (especially with all the rain we’ve been having) – I’m more of a bluesy & 40’s big-band type music-lover.  I could have been a torch singer in another life. 

Alpha Hubby, on the other hand, is a country music lover.  We both agree on oldies but somewhere in our youth, he went the country direction while I wandered down the fonkadelic pathway.  Soul music – yum!  He’s not wild about it (huge understatement) but we sure can agree on a lot of the 60’s-early 70’s oldies.  Wild Thing? Bad to the Bone?

So today, in honor of my great love for all things Alpha Hubby, I am putting on one of his favorite singers – Josh Turner.  Today’s song is “Why Don’t We Just Dance?”  Lyrics link below.  I learned about him while driving down the road with Alpha Son one day.  The song “Your Man” came on the radio (Son is an eclectic music lover) and I said, “WHO is that and what song is that?” 

When I found out, I told Alpha Son that I had to go find that CD right away because Alpha Hubby would absolutely love that song.  He squalled tires, immediately turning around and taking me to a place that sold the CD.  Anything to surprise Alpha Hubby.  Every word on that song is something Alpha Hubby has said to me.  It is perfect.

This “just dance” song also perfectly describes Alpha Hubby – he’d rather dance with me than watch TV.   He’d rather sit out by the pool talking than flip through 315 channels of nothing.  He’d rather talk to me than hang out with the cows (but it IS close).  He’d rather howl at the moon with me than hang out with the guys. 

He is far more romantic than I am (and I am pretty darn).  He loves being joined at the hip (private joke) and you know what?  It sure doesn’t make him less of a manly man.   Do you have any idea what it is like when an alpha male ferciously loves his alpha mate?


Here we are, Days 23-27 – almost done with the April positive words challenge by Pamela at Road to Joy and me!  We only have 3 days left after today!  This has been another amazing journey into more intimacy in our “significant other” relationships!  In many ways this verbal challenge has been even more intimate than the 30 Days Intimacy Challenge she and I issued last year – and that was pretty hawt and intimate!

Day 23 – Alpha Hubby is my best friend.  Never have had a best friend like him.  And I didn’t even have to bribe him!  He totally believes in me and supports me, helps me with my dreams, and more importantly plays with me.  We have laughs galore!


Then there is Day 24 – when we go on road trips, we have THE most fun ever.  He stops everywhere I want to & doesn’t whine – much (smile).  Even after 17 years and 23 days, we can talk our way across the country and never run out of things to talk about.  Isn’t that amazing?  No bored roommates here!

Sizzle Day 25 – Alpha Hubby is an amazing lover.  Tender, thoughtful, wild, spicy, hot.  We try slow and romantic.  We really do.  It never works.  It hasn’t worked in 16 years.  Too much passion.  ‘Nuff said.

Day 26 – His ability to ask my forgiveness swiftly taught me a lot, and helped me heal.  He doesn’t let time pass by if he’s wrong.  He’ll quickly come say “I’m sorry” without excuses and without blame.  You know what I mean, “I’m sorry but you drive me crazy.”

Or “I’m sorry but if you hadn’t done such and such, I wouldn’t have done blahdy blah.”  Just “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry I hurt you.”  I learned to say “I’m sorry” when I’m wrong, too.  And really mean it!  I mean, truthfully, it is so rare that I had to learn how to say it.  When you’re never wrong….  Uh, yeah.

And today, Day 27 – I love he’d rather dance with me than watch TV! Or anything else (except bleepity bleep).  He WANTS and LIKES and LOVES to spend time with me.  Still.  After 17 years marriage.  How amazing is that?  I used to tease him that he wasn’t able to entertain himself but yesterday, I had an epiphany.  I realized how many women out there would celebrate to have their husbands want to spend time with them, to think their company is better than anything else.  I decided I’d better quit teasing him and just ensure he always feels that way.

I am just a blessed woman.  Dancing down the hall – maybe straight up the stairs?   Bouncing off the walls.  Floating on air – so baby?  Why don’t we just dance?


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Why Don’t We Just Dance?, Josh Turner