It has been a wonderful time!  Thirty days of telling your loved one what you love about them or how wonderful they are!

My days 28-30 are thus:

Day 28 – I talk to TV and movie characters.  I groan at stupid actions they make and yell if they’re in danger.  I ask “why” all the time, like, “Why did they do that?”  Alpha Hubby has adapted; doesn’t bug him (much). 

He tells me, “It’s just a movie” then I get upset and say, “Don’t ruin it, I know it’s a movie but still, why did they do that?”   (Meaning why did the stupid character do that.)

Then he gets really dumb and says, “That’s the way the dialogue was written for their character.”

Me – “Grrrr.”  I mean, why is he trying to be logical?  It’s JUST a movie. 

Heh heh heh.

Day 29 – Soon after we met, Alpha Hubby asked for a tape of me singing songs for him to go to sleep by at night.  He used it until it wore out.  He likes my singing.  No, I think it is safe to say he loves my singing.

Day 30 – And the most important thing about Alpha Hubby is his personal relationship with God.  His heart is so pure & it blesses me.  That walk is what makes our relationship so powerful and so good.

Seventeen years and thirty-one days ago, he stole my heart.  Since he wouldn’t give it back, I had to marry him to keep living.

I am so very glad he is a thief.  I am so glad he took one look at me and swears in that moment, God showed him my heart and that is why he stole it – because he loved it.

In the beginning, he walked so carefully around me because I wasn’t completely whole yet.  I had an Alpha Hubby shaped piece missing in my heart.  Then he came along and helped make my heart whole – just in time to steal it.

Baby?  I am so glad it was you.  I do love your face.  And the nape of your neck that smells so good.  And your arms.  And your derriere.  And your heart.  And your you-ness.  And all the 30 things I said about  you this month.  All in one place, HERE.

Thank you for asking me.  The very thought of life without you… I shudder to think of it.


I will be posting some content from my former website/blog, Joy-Cafe,  for the next few ’cause I pulled the plug on it (too many websites, etc.) and those posts need a new home.  They are so lonely, with no one to read them and no place to go.  I will also be posting earlier LBD Diaries posts that I hope you will enjoy and please stop by and comment on. 

I need to take some time away from the internet.  I was challenged by Alpha Hubby.  “Are you addicted to the internet?” he dared ask.   I scoffed but decided to test that question.  I just pray I am not a whimpering mess at the end of this time.  I will be taking some time off in order to do some much needed things around the house, and in my life.  I’m behind on my writing, vocal exercises and *ahem* the crapola left  from unpacking after the move (yes, still – don’t judge).

I will be checking my email once a week (so the junk mail doesn’t pile up and to pay bills).