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Day 5 – I love that he lets me sleep cold – with a fan on!  I love that he doesn’t mouth and whine and get upset because I like to sleep in a cold room.  He has to get up on cold cold mornings and turn the heater up to get the chill and icicles off his nose – I so appreciate that because I can’t sleep in a hot room.

Darling, you are very generous to me and I love that about you.

Day 6 – When Alpha Hubby and I were seeing one another those short weeks before we married, one evening he came over to my house and asked me a question.  It seemed the question came out of the blue since we were just chatting about other subjects, but he asked, “What is a dream from your heart?  One, if it were possible, that you’d want fulfilled?”

Without hesitation or thought, I blurted out, “To be able to come home and finish raising Alpha Son.”  Then I remembered thinking, “Huh? Where did THAT come from?”

Alpha Hubby said, “If you want to do that, I would be honored to help you.  You can do that and can write.”  I know I probably stared at him like he was either crazy or a magician but it set my thoughts on fire.

For the next week or so, I tossed it around.  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Never?  Huh?  I was  in the beginning stages of a new career change – one that was so satisfying that I had trouble even thinking about giving it up.  On the other hand, I fiercely wanted to be able to spend Alpha Son’s remaining years at home with him, to eat breakfast with him, put him on the bus, greet him when he came home, and find out about his day.

I couldn’t imagine a man willing to take on the responsibility of me being home and all that implied.  A man willing to support me, believe in me, help me, and be there for me and Alpha Son.  It was just inconceivable.  

Baby, that day you became my first and only home, my heart, my shelter.  You protect me, stand up for me, revere me, cheer me on, build me up, and honor me.  You helped me erase my nightmares and exchange the dust of them for a fairy tale life – a barely-able-to-believe-for dream come true – love, true love.

Day 7 – Oh, I love how he makes me laugh until I ache.  It used to make me so grrrrr that Alpha Hubby wouldn’t allow me to stay angry – if I got angry, he’d make some stupid joke and no matter how hard I tried not to laugh – I mean, I seriously wanted to keep my mad-on – I’d cave and laugh.  He helps me see the ridiculous in myself because sometimes I am very ridiculous about being too serious & controlling about things that just aren’t important.  He helps me (makes me) dance in the rain, run through the flower fields (because he’s chasing me), jump in the mud puddles (when he’s not rolling me in them), and enjoy life to the fullest (really).  We just have so much FUN.

Thank you for helping me learn that is is perfectly OK not to be perfect – for the joy you’ve brought into my life, and for the laughter. 

Day 8 – Friday (well wow, I am a day ahead of myself for a change!) – I love how he loves me in my uglies.  It is easy to love someone who acts the right way, one who is perfectly lovable.  Alpha Hubby?  Much to my surprise, when he discovered (hahaha) that I had – uglies – I could act unreasonably – I know, I know! Who could ever believe that??   Moi??

 – anyway, I could lose my temper simply because I didn’t get my way (now, now, that was early on in our marriage when I was still insecure and – shall I say it?  IMMATURE!) – I was a terrible control freak because of fear.  I needed to control things around me to keep them even-keel, safe, good.  I learned to let that go because I already was safe – so… but before then?  Watch out, buddy!

I remember the first time I needed to apologize to him.  I finally figured out that acting all, “I was wrong, sorry” isn’t the same thing as saying it.  Alpha Hubby is always quick to ask forgiveness.  That surprised me.   It was somewhere in our first year of marriage and I needed to apologize.   I waited until it was dark, we were in bed, he was half asleep and I mumbled, “Umm, I’m sorry.  I was wrong and blah blah blah.”  Do you KNOW what he said??? 

“That’s OK.  I love you.”

I’m still trying to figure out what his game is and when the other shoe is going to drop – what hidden agenda he has going on there.  I didn’t ever hear, “Well you SHOULD be sorry” Or “You always, you never, it figures” – it’s always just “that’s OK.”   Wow.  Unconditional love.

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