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On That 3rd Day… blah blah Christmas

So the land hunt yesterday was a bust! The real estate pictures were naughty not nice. They did not actually look like the property really looked like! Santa is leaving coal in those two realtors’ stockings!

little Happy boy

This picture is a pretty good visual description of my Alpha Hubby. He was super calm, rarely get excited, sophisticated, suave, debonair, intelligent, quiet, introspective, in awe of me, held my hand (which made me sigh), suit-wearing, church-going gentleman.


He kept to the play book for a few months. Then he began morphing. Now he is that dancing fool you see up there. Happy, joyous, dancing in his dream. I just follow along.

He’s not quiet. Nor introspective (unless he’s praying). Not so much in awe of me and forget that gentleman. No, that’s a lie. He still is a church-going man. He opens my door, helps me out of all vehicles – because if he didn’t I’d fall flat on my face out of that big honking truck of his. He holds my hand and it still makes me sigh.

He is still calm, I’ll give him that. Intelligent? Oh yeah. Sophisticated? Sure under the cow poop covered boots. He can clean up very, very nicely. Suave and debonair fell out at the cattle pen (unless he’s in a suit… but NOT in the cattle pen. Puhlese people!). It’s safe to say he changed… into who he really was.

He was a stealth fiancé. I was his innocent prey. YES, I WAS, TOO. Quit snickering. And Santa (and God) did me very, very good when he ended up under my Christmas tree!

Happy Third Day of Christmas! My true love gave to me… OH! I can’t write THAT on here.

3 thoughts on “On That 3rd Day… blah blah Christmas

    1. Exactly! I love him in his beautiful suits but I love him in torn, paint-stained jeans! As long as he’s in them, it’s all good!

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