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The 4th Day of Christmas I’m Beginning to Think I’m Nuts



TWENTY-FIVE DAYS? Writing 25 posts in a row? When I barely wrote once a month before?

Okay, okay. I’m fine now. I mean who falls apart after just 4 days? Just had a mini-meltdown trying to figure out the fourth day short post.

My true love did give to me a leetle thrill – and I love when he does stuff like this – you know, when his chest beating sweet Alpha side comes out. Don’t tell him I said this. We wouldn’t want him to get all growly, grunting Alpha on me all the time!

I think I told you a little while back about how his answer to most things is, “But I’m Alpha! You told me I was!” Yes, I made that mistake. I empowered the Alpha. Before he was a Clark Kent. Now? Now he’s a roving, raving, raging maniac. Testosterone thy name is Leland.

But. But somehow he is a passionate and loving man. Truth is that his default is to love me madly, passionately, romantically. It’s just that his Alpha-ness and Cattle tend to get in the way of the execution of that default. (Yes, honey, I’m jesting, kidding, making things up as I go along.)

Kissing Lips 4

So when he walks into the dining room and says, “Let me have your lips!” then lays a big one on me, is it wrong of me to think that’s pretty darned cool? *Le Sigh* Especially after 23.9 years?

Well, I do so tough noogies. We get our thrills where we can. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me – a big fat seriously romantic kiss!

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  1. Don’t want to wear my lips down to bare minimum so I have to do controlled kissing in order for my lips to last a long time. My damsel gave me food that was awesome on the 4th day of Christmas.

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