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Epiphany (Redux)

(Originally posted 3 June 2009)

Somewhere in the past few days, I have had an epiphany.  I love that word – epiphany!  It means an “ah ha” moment – a revelation – an eye-opening experience.  Sometime between last Friday and Monday, I realized that something my brother said was true.

Here is what he said.  Understand that he just lost 38 pounds.  He also has friends at a consulting firm he works with regularly who just lost a lot of weight.  She lost about 80 pounds and her boss lost 155 pounds.  Here are their stories, my brother, the secretary and the engineer:

Being a guy I did not think at all about what I was going to do.  During my last visit to the doctor, around April 2008 for a common cold, as usual, they weighed me and I was up to 178# (usually I am around 140) and right at having to go buy a larger set of suits and business dress clothes for the second time.  That was my awakening moment – period.  And I will say now – that is what it takes for some – to hit bottom and “to want”, and I stress “to want/commit”  to lose weight at all cost.  Anything short of that and you will talk yourself out of it – continually.   I did not read any books, do any diets, any anything.  I simply followed the life long rules and cut back on what I ate and started exercising faithfully.

She said her key was to faithfully work out at all cost.  She started working out at the house at all hours until her boss (my friend) bought her a membership at a fitness club because she was so dedicated and doing so well.  She would show up there at the gym at 4 in the morning if that is what time it happened to be.  “Every day” was her rule for exercise, regardless of the time. 

The engineer’s tactic was to go to bed a little hungry every night.  Again, no diet, no research, as long as he was hungry he knew he was losing weight.  He would wake up and eat as much as he wanted for breakfast (all stuff – sausage, bacon, eggs, etc.) and then have an average lunch then very little, if anything, for supper – as long as he went to bed hungry. 

My brother’s take was this:  After talking to these friends, it is interesting (and a coincidence) that we all thought and acted the same way.  The bottom line to the thought process for all three of us was that it is all in the mind.  When you hit bottom you will (or I guess I should say “most will”) react in a positive way – not think about it, not talk about it, not read about it, not study it, not care what any one else thinks – you will just DO IT – and be successful – end of story.



(Today, August 11, 2010 a year later)  After mulling about where I am and where I want to go, and realizing how absolutely miserable I am with my body, look, shape, lifestyle due to excess weight, I know I need a “this was IT” moment and a “I will just do it” determination.  I’ve farted around for the past year and barely lost 15 pounds (which, while it is better than NO pounds, is NOT acceptable). 


I need to JUST DO IT.  I will just exercise and I know now it has to be a daily cardio hit – 2-3 days a week isn’t cutting it.  I will just eat right and yes, it is easier when BAD foods aren’t in the house.  I will just quit making excuses for myself and wearing blinders.  I will just stop acting childish about weight loss and I will just take responsibility for my excess weight.  I have just run out of excuses.  It is time. 


I am heading back into my first little black dress (oh, honeys! I have 13 of the suckers to work myself into – various sizes!  I’ll post them in pix form someday).


So if you’ll pardon me, I need to JUST go hop into the pool and do my cardo!  See ya….

2 thoughts on “Epiphany (Redux)

  1. I recently had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments also. Suddenly my entire life has turned upside down and I realized drinking beer every night will not help but only hinder getting myself back into my LBD and feeling better about myself. Amazing how just one thing can change the taste of something you love and pretty soon stop the craving for it. Believe or not I have lost 4# since Saturday night.

    Thank you Ladies for still being here. Thank you most of all Nan for sharing yourself in your blogs.

    here’s a huge HUG to us all and cheers with a diet pepsi!

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