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90 Day Dance with Danger

Remember this scale?  A scale can be your friend or a scale can be your demon-from-hell enemy.

I haven’t been on mine in a week and I AM NOT GOING TO GET ON IT. Since that slight binge I had last Friday with the tacos (oh let’s just admit it, also the cream cheese last Thursday which is what probably started the cravings for cheesy stuff by Friday) – I have NOT been on my scale because if I had gotten on it, I would have just gone down the tubes in here.

I am at the 90 day mark. Employers often enact a 90 day probation (or trial) period of employment. It is a way to evaluate employee’s performance, attitude, and potential for success in the job.  

There have been enough studies to show that 90 days is a perfect indicator of what is really inside a person.  Anyone can fake being a good employee for a couple of months.  As they get more comfortable around the job, they begin to relax and let the “real them” come out.  If they have sloppy work ethic, then that is what will begin to come out.  Their perfectly clean desk will slowly become a pig sty.  They might begin to be tardy to work.

This can be true of relationships, friendships, and – *tada* (bet you wondered where this was going!) – little black dress journeys. I recognized a trend in all my prior weight loss attempts – at about 90 days, things started pressuring me to QUIT, FAIL, STOP, GET OFF THE JOURNEY, EAT SOMETHING WRONG, DON’T EXERCISE, GET BORED AND BLOW IT, GIVE UP, GO A DIFFERENT DIRECTION, AND JUST FLAT OUT STAY FAT.

I caught it – and you know what? It is NOT going to happen this time. I caught it and I am NOT going to fail. I am going to keep going forward even if I had a binge-light last week. I did NOT have one this week. So by next week, I will be glad to get on the scale again and continue tracking my FORWARD progress.

So there, 90 day rule!!!

You almost won but almost just doesn’t count.  I WIN.

2 thoughts on “90 Day Dance with Danger

  1. A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the Little Lady!!! Keep it up…

    Just a reminder though…that our bodies play tricks on in and day out….one day you weight this and the next it seems like you’ve gained a million pounds when in reality you didn’t eat any differently than you did the day before! Giving up is the road we more often choose to take then not but the true measure of a committment is sticking with it. I am only at 60 days with my weight loss committment and some days are just easier than others. I have a goal of 10 pounds before August 22nd…family wedding and I am refusing to buy anything new to wear to it as I have more than enough beautiful party dresses to wear! I started my Wii Active today….it has a 30 day challenge and it wiped me out even though I have been walking 3 miles a day for weeks now. It is working other parts that I don’t work when walking so I must keep up my walking and when the traffic is not too bad and the weather cooperates then I will also ride my bike. But man it sure would feel good to sleep in instead of being on the walking track at 6AM!!!

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