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A Soft, Warm Love Affair

I noted a trait in the past few years. I don’t think it is a good trait but it explains a lot. Some women get a wee bit snarky about what they call “gushing about your man” – a woman’s passionate love for her man. They call it the “gag factor”. Like there is something wrong with that.

couple santa hat

My thought is – YOU have obviously never experienced this type of love. Why can I say that? Because if you had, you’d totally understand.

I know a few people who have that type of relationship. It is something truly warm and special.

I am blessed with that same type of gag factor love.  It is something rare, amazing, wonderous, and precious.  And there are things about Alpha Hubby that just take my breath away.

alpha nape 1
Alpha’s Nape

There is a special warm, softly scented spot beneath his ear, the ear that listens to me ramble on about sometimes obscure, useless bits of information. Without acting bored.

That spot is inches back and away from the mouth that kisses me so passionately. It is tucked right above the shoulder I lean on and near the back that is strongly muscled and able to work to secure his dreams (one of which is moi. I’m at the top, right baby?? Even if I don’t “moo”??).

alpha nape 4

That warm, softly scented place is up above his heart that possesses his true love for me.  It is down to the right of his beautiful amber eyes that gaze so warmly into mine, full of promise and the fulfillment of future dreams.

When he wears my favorite scents, they get smoothed into that special spot just under his ear and right above his shoulder, where I can nestle my nose and inhale the velvety scent of Alpha Hubby.

alpha nape 0a

I could just absorb that scent for hours… but it tickles him so he won’t sit still too awfully long… well that, and he has to eat sometime. And sleep. And go to work. And the cows would protest. Which is a shame because I could just stay there in that spot forever.

It is a scent all his own, a coupling of cologne and him.

No matter where we are, if he is there and I can inhale his special warmth, I am home.

I like that spot almost as much as I like:


…his arms which hold me so tight.  Passionately, sweetly or warmly his strength is always there, just for me.

Of course, after he sees these pictures, I’m done for.

But baby?  I couldn’t help myself.

Whether you’re

Feeding cows cropped

feeding cows in snow


Leland 2 small

in that professional picture for the office

*“The very thought of you
and I forget to do
The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do”

…which explains the laundry and dishes and unwrapped Christmas presents…


I think about you a lot.

*(Nat King Cole, The Very Thought of You)


jesus season ball

12 thoughts on “A Soft, Warm Love Affair

  1. Nan You are so fortunate to have what so many others never find in a lifetime. Happy New Year and All the Best in 2016! It will be a great adventure for both of you!!

    The Arts by Karena
    India Hicks Collection!!

    1. I never thought of it that way but what we have is amazing. Your year is going to be prosperous, joyful, satisfying, and full of surprises.

  2. You did rate above the cows but I am not sure now. The cows do not blog. Lumps of coal is now the gift of the season. However, do remember before you get upset, over time and enough pressure and heat a diamond can be formed. Also, a lot of sucking up could help!

      1. Fortsett med å dele med oss andre dine hobbyarbeider. Vi som driver med hobbyaktiviteter liker å se hva andre gjør. Vi får jo inspirasjon av å se andres arbeider.

  3. So are you up there with the cows even if you don’t moo? That made me laugh out loud. This was very romantic, and I am not going to be snarky about it. Promise.

      1. fantastic, Darcy. I deleted the thread as promised but not before getting your e-mail. I'll contact you about the video and other specifics. All is good on the info you provided on message board. I know a few others who are doing this also, for sure. This is great. We're going to make this issue 100% impossible to ignore. Watch and see.You know, I think a lot of us will be able to co-ordinate on Obamafake very well this way. That was fast and painless. 😉

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