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A treading we will go…

I am heading to my treadmill right now since the pool won’t be functioning for another week or two.  I am truly going to go get on the treadmill.  Yes, RIGHT NOW, do you hear me, body!? I am the boss of you. YOU are not the boss of me.  You might have been the boss of me once upon a time, ruling and reigning, but NO more.  You will not argue with me when I say we are going to exercise.  I am the boss of my body. I am the boss of my body. I am the boss of my body.

OK. I’m going to go do 20 minutes now. WHAT? OH YES I AM. You can’t tell me what to do. NO, I am NOT going to go read a book. No, I am not going to go work on the website. Oh heck no, I’m not going to eat that candy bar that shouldn’t even be in my house!  Stop arguing with me… I AM TOO THE BOSS OF YOU!  Yes, I am!

And we wonder why we fail in our many, many weight loss programs… smile!  I am truly going to go exercise now.

2 thoughts on “A treading we will go…

  1. Yeah but those other things – brushing teeth, combing hair – don’t make you break a sweat, don’t stretch and hurt your muscles and don’t leave you SORE.

  2. There will always be another choice. The ultimate decision is ours, we have to make it a part of our daily routine. We take time out to brush our teeth, comb our hair and many other things on a routine basis. The work out is more important than so many other things but yet it is so easy to let it go, as to I will get it later. You know the rest of the story.

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