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Against all odds…

I’ve experienced a miracle in an area that’s been tough for me up until now.  I woke up Monday morning – that’s yesterday – and WANTED to get on the elliptical.  I WANTED to.  How miraculous is that?

So I did.  Last evening.  I popped in Cinderella III (light and fluffy), hopped on and elliptied (?) 15 minutes and it wasn’t even that hard to do – didn’t even have to cover the timer.**  So I experienced ANOTHER miracle.  I’d been averaging maybe five (5) minutes before and those were the longest 5 minutes of my life AND it had been awhile.  After 15 minutes, I staggered off, sat down to watch more of the video, and after 10 minutes thought, “I could add 5 more minutes” and hopped back on.  I ended up doing another 15 minutes for a total of …. DRUMROLL PLEASE… THIRTY (30) minutes.  A new world record!!

OK, maybe a new Nan record for 2009.  And I’m getting ready to do it again!

This isn’t because I’m special or have done anything supernatural to get to this point.  I really think it came about because after sticking with the program and not quitting for 2 months, I finally created a new thought pattern.  One I haven’t had in a long time.  One that says, “If you exercise, you’ll lose the weight even faster!”  I haven’t been able to operate in that thought pattern in several years.  It used to be more like, “WHAT? You expect me to get on that machine and sweat?” 

But by getting past the wrong thinking, past the undermining actions, past the negative thoughts and negative eating habits, past the binges, and past everything that kept me from losing the weight, I have been able to get to this place where I actually want to exercise.  I think it is because I FINALLY believe – BELIEVE – that the weight is all coming off this time. That this time, there will be no failure.  THAT is how important changing your thinking is. 

This is more of that grace stuff.  Wow.

30 minutes.  Me!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!


**You cover the timer so you don’t constantly think, “Oh my gosh, has it ONLY been 30 seconds?  I feel like I’ve been on at LEAST 30 minutes!

4 thoughts on “Against all odds…

  1. I am joining your journey…I have lost 11 poounds since May 14th. Not a huge feat I know but in the past the faster I lost it the more I gained when I stopped the journey. Every morning the alarm goes off at 5:30AM…yes, 5:3o in the AM…I semi-bounce out of bed (ya know when you say just a few more minutes and then realize if you don’t get up right then you won’t get up at all!), grab my workout clothes, change in the bathroom (as hubby is still asleep), put the tea water on for hubby, check the weather, grab Riley’s leash and away we go to the park to walk, run, walk, run (well, you get the point). I’m doing 2.5 miles and then sometime during the day I either ride my bike for another 2.5 miles or I use my Wii Active for 20 minutes. My goal…to be able to get back into the clothes I already have in my closet. I refuse to buy anything new and with two family weddings coming up I had better accomplish this, huh? Proud of you my dear, dear friend…little steps. It wasn’t put on all in one day or week so it’s not going to come off all in one day or week…(darn it, too!!). Keep in touch and know I love you but miss you more!!!!

  2. YAY YOU!!! How awesome is it that you went longer than expected?!?!!? Congrats. And then you even went back for more. That is even more awesome.

  3. That is awesome! You struck a key point with the exercise. Most people continue to speak against exercise by saying things like I don’t like to or I don’t really need to do that much. This goes along with the plan.

    Exercise plan works if you follow it, but my point here is you need to change what you say and how you think about exercise. I found that exercise is my friend and I really enjoy doing it, not necessarily I like the muscles being pushed in to areas where they have never gone before but the results that I can look and feel great. If I didn’t like to do it I would quit.

    If I constantly say I don’t like to exercise then my body listens and says OK we don’t like it. How do think I ate all those cookies. I used to say I just love those cookies and my body said OK, lets eat the whole bag and then when I my weight got out of control my body would say it is your fault, you did this to me. I don’t say those things now and I don’t have cravings for them anymore. It is not just words but it is also action. You have the power to just say no and walk on.

    Some might wonder with me being a guy why I comment on the blog, well you have to realize that I truly like the little black dress (just not on me). I don’t think there is anything finer than the lady you adore to be in that little black dress. I don’t know how it is with other dudes but for this one it really lights my fire. Jeans are fine but there is nothing more powerful than that little black dress. It is a win, win for me. So I will do what it takes to be a reward for her.

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