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Alpha Post – Chemical Free #1

It is true the body will lie to you. It will agree with you to eat enough food until someone has to roll you away from the table because you ate so much you can’t move.  After years of eating anything and everything then the body turns on you and blames you for the shape it is in.  It says it is the one in charge when, in fact, you are the one in charge by the choices you made. You are the one who will make the decision follow-through on any bad thought the body has.

My son commented about the foods I eat (at the time he was still eating anything and everything he wanted).  He felt they were not tasty.  Well the truth is that when I became chemical-free, my taste buds changed and my body began to desire live (and healthy) foods.  I told him that I eat foods that I like.  If I didn’t like them I wouldn’t eat them. The key was to get my taste buds back to normal.

Chemicals mess up a lot of things in your body. Once in a while you are stuck at an office gathering (which is noted to have foods loaded with white sugar or white flour) and you will end up eating foods not on your list. The odd thing is when I get caught by it and eat something not on my list (doughnuts anyone?) they really don’t taste as good anymore and I want to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. I don’t have the same reaction to live foods. They don’t leave a nasty aftertaste.