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Alpha Post – Chemical Free #2

When you get as chemical free as possible then you don’t have the cravings. We have been trained by society to super size (more food). Buying into the “more food scheme” we continued to pile on the pounds. When we went to a restaurant and the food was brought to us in small portions (food didn’t touch) our minds would tell us to stop on the way home to pick up a burger and fries. We trained our bodies to eat more and more. We spoke to it by saying, “That is not enough to keep a bird alive.” Then we end up buying bigger clothes.

Well, it just goes on until you decide you don’t like what you look like and if you don’t like what you look like then guess what other people think? So what it comes down to is eating the amount it takes to fuel your body and avoiding processed foods. I used to be able to eat to triple-decker burgers but now one patty is enough because I retrained my thinking.

Eat to live not live to eat. If you don’t have a problem with what you look like then that is ok. If you are one who cares what they look like, then you can achieve it.