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Alpha Post – Chemicals

It is time to take charge of our food choices and everything we put into our bodies.  Do we want to be followers or do we want to do some research and find out what is and isn’t good for us, not listen to some “unknown” government agency?  You know your body best. 

More and more news articles are talking about people taking control.  People want healthier food choices.  People want the chemicals taken out of their food, not added in to it!  What does it take to live a long, strong, healthy life?  Eating live (non-processed) foods and chemical free meats, and exercising 

Don’t forget to drink plenty of clean water and raw milk, and to have raw milk cheese and butter (obviously in moderation). When the milk is pasteurized, the good things in it are destroyed.  All the benefits – minerals, vitamins – are missing from the milk you purchase in the store.  And the flavor?  Well, once you’ve tried raw unpasteurized cow’s milk, you’ll never go back.  There is a reason they used to call raw milk “white medicine.”

When you change what you put in your body then the body will make changes. This about this:  would you eat (or feed your kids) household chemicals?  When you eat processed foods, that is exactly what you are doing.  The effects of the chemicals are accumulative.  They also mess up your taste buds, the cells (clogged), AND the portion of your brain that tells you that you are full.  They cause you to crave foods.

We have been assuming the USDA and FDA are protecting us and have our best-interests in mind.   Did you know that by USDA standards anything below a certain level does not have to be listed on a food label because it is considered low enough not to affect you?  OK – but know what?  It accumulates in your body.  We need to research what is in the foods; we need to read, understand and pay attention to the labels.  I heard it said this way, “If you can’t pronounce it, chances are you don’t want it in your body.”

You think that if you change to all natural foods that your food will taste like cardboard.  Wrong!  Your taste buds will come alive again after getting off chemicals!  Foods will taste great and your body will respond accordingly. You will notice things like joint aches, skin disorders, breathing problems, stomach issues (for those who say they are lactose intolerant, try raw dairy products; you will be amazed), headaches, and many more symptoms disappearing.

It really is all our choice.  WE choose what we eat.  WE choose what chemicals we pour down our throats.  WE choose.  It takes a little work, some changes in your lifestyle, some food choices you have to give up, but I am here to tell you, give it just a little time and you really will be astonished how good you feel and how good food tastes! – new articles, lsource links, recipes, diaries.