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Alpha Post – Follow the Plan

Plans are good and victory is always to the one who follows the plan.

If I stick with what works (plan) I will have the expected results. I have found that when I alter the plan (normally to suit myself), that is when I lose.  In the past I would state, “This plan isn’t working” but when I was honest about it, I found that I quit working the plan.  So the plan works, it is us who change the plan. How? One gourmet cookie won’t hurt me.  The plan says not to eat the cookie.  But no, I eat it anyway and then wonder how I gained two pounds.  Pretty easy to see the Plan is my friend but my thought process is skewed.

I used be able to eat a whole chicken in one meal plus everything else on the plate. I had a self esteem problem but at the time I didn’t know it.  It started because people were always glad to see a healthy appetite so in my warped thinking process if I was accepted by people because I ate a lot then more would mean more acceptance.  Well that was a lie.  All I wound up with was being really overweight and even ashamed of how I looked.  I didn’t like myself.

In the process of trying to be accepted I had changed my thinking processes.  I would look at a plate of food and automatically think it was not enough.  I have had to work on portion sizes to re-program my way of thinking.  The weight began to come off.  

I have found it takes very little food in a meal to fuel my body and the food I eat I really enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong though, I do exercise with intensity and avoid processed foods if at all possible. I no longer am concerned what others think.  I have learned it is what I think about myself that counts.  I began to like myself again.

There will always be people who don’t like you whether you are slim or fat.  So like yourself!