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Alpha Post – Sugar

There are problems with eating sugar beyond what you have listed in the Sugar post.  For years we have consumed sugar unaware because it is in processed foods, fast foods, and even in health foods.

When I got off sugar my cravings went away.  I have been off the refined** sugars for at least two years and have had remarkable changes in every part of my body.  Some examples are improved memory, more lung capacity when exercising (no shortness of breath), my cooling system is functioning better (do not need freezing temperatures of air conditioning to keep cool), my joints don’t hurt anymore, my vision has improved, and my hair seems healthier. These are just a few things I have noticed but I’m sure there are many more.

When I consume refined sugar now, I almost instantly feel sluggish, my joints ache, and I have flu- like symptoms.  Sugars are hidden in almost everything. You say it is suppose to be listed but the rules state if it is below a certain percentage, it does not have to be listed.  Normally that would be OK but considering these things are accumulative, after years of consumption they really add up in your system. The key is to eat live foods and organic meats.

  **Don’t seem to have the same problems when I use organic, less processed raw sugar (natural, turbinado, Demerara).