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At 2:00 P.M.

Originally published May 9 2021


If I’d known at 2 pm on April 8 2021 that I’d never see your beautiful hazel eyes again, what would I have changed?


Would I have moved our 3 o’clock rendezvous to earlier in the day instead of waiting? Could I have made love to you one more time? (Oh how I wished I had)

Would I have crawled into your lap to tell you I loved you more than I had ever dreamed a woman can love a man?

Would I have told you I was the most blessed woman on earth because God sent you into my life 27+ years ago?

Would I have given you hugs and kisses more than I already did?

Would I have slow danced with you to our favorite songs more often? (Oh how I wished I had)

Would I have ensured there was nothing between us – arguments, disagreements or anger?

Would I have told you one more time I loved you beyond earthly belief?

Would I have changed anything that day if I’d known you were going to leave me like you did at 2:00 o’clock April 8 2021?


Thank God that while there is no regret or guilt because most of those things were things I did almost daily, I wish I could have kissed him one more time. Told him I loved him one more time. Made love with him one more time.

I am glad we chose to live our lives in true love – no arguments, disagreements or anger that lasted beyond him making me laugh and giving it up.  Nothing was worth being out of peace with one another.

People, please live with your loved ones in a way you have no regrets. Stop the petty ugly words. Stop the stupid fights. No more nit-picking. Don’t put THINGS ahead of one another. Quit trying to one-up one another. Put down the stinking cell phone when you’re out on a date night.


Look at one another with fresh eyes – remember WHY you fell in love. Remember that once you thought they were the be all end all of your very existence. Remember the love you had for one another – rekindle it and CHERISH IT.

Yes I am grateful Leland and I protected our love, valued it, cherished it, and were gleeful that we got to walk this adventure in life together. I just wanted more time.

There’s not one thing worth fighting about. Not one thing.