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Boogie Boogie Dance!

I’ve been out in the street doing a little boogie dance – a joyous Snoopy dance, if you will!  I lost 10 pounds, finally.  YIPPIE-KI-YAY!!  Oh shut up, you know I mean again.  I lost 10 pounds again.

Since I started this journey I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained and gained, lost then didn’t lose.  Ugh.  I got serious (again) about writing down what I eat, no matter what, and began weighing my foods (again) on the electronic scale. 

After seeing how much I’d been eating, calorie-wise, I continued to tweak and make changes in my diet.  Some things are banned for now because they just trigger me into going absolutely, 100 percent totally berserk with wrong food choices.  Chips? Check. Cookies? Check check. Bag of chocolate chips? Check check check. Eating them all?  Priceless.  Dumb but priceless.

Other foods, while not unhealthy, are banned because I keep nibbling on them until they become unhealthy food choices – i.e., eat too many or too much.  Raw milk cheese anyone?  Too much of anything is probably my worst downfall.  I mean, come on – if it is healthy, it can’t be bad for you!  Right?

According to hubby, the Alpha Man of this pack, I’ve had a turning point.  Finally.  I’ve been messing with trying to get this excess weight off for the past 9 years.  This poor guy has stuck with me through all the ups and downs, the “this is IT” declarations, the tears, depression, angst, screaming, confusion, money spent on THE program that is going to work, and many, many, many, many, many, many, many,

many, many, many, many, many failures.  He has provided every thing I’ve could ever need to help me, from equipment to emotional support.  NOT ONE TIME HAS HE EVER MADE ME FEEL FAT even though I am – scratch that – was* fat.  That is an incredible miracle for one who is as visual as he is.

So, I want to publicly thank Alpha Man for constantly being there for me.  Baby, I so appreciate your constant support. 

Look to your past and see if you can’t track some nasty habits you constantly go back to when you start a new diet program.  They are there waiting to undermine every good choice you make.  They hide behind little voices in your head that say, “This one bite won’t hurt” or “You can skip the cardio just for today.”  Nasty subconscious little actions you do without even realizing it – nibbling while cooking and not counting those calories.  You don’t even realize you are doing it because it has become such an ingrained habit.

By being honest with yourself, by really “seeing” what you’ve been doing, you’ll be doing a little Snoopy dance, too!  We are ALL going to be dancing in the streets soon in our LBD’s – boogie boogie dance… DANCE!

 *One thing I’ve learned is to speak in the NOW-tense not the future or present-tense. If you keep speaking, “I am fat” you hold yourself to that standard.  If you say, “I’m going to lose this weight someday” you’ll never get there.   If you say, “I am slender and the right weight for my body,” you subconsciously begin to work toward that goal.

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  1. Congrats on the “10” and Thank You for your words. I sure enjoy and am inspired by your blog. You always hit the nail on the head and no doublespeak. You are a wordsmith and seriously “there is a book here!”

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