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I love words. I love when they flow off my tongue AND mean something amazing – like the word serendipity. It means: “…the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. I don’t live my life by chance but I love that word (and the movie!). The other day I… Read More Words

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What’s in a Face?

  couple contrast I remember when I was younger and a friend and I saw an “older” couple walking down the street holding hands, I thought “Aww, how sweet” and she was grossed out.  She didn’t believe it was appropriate for old people (they were probably in their 50’s) to act like that.  She thought… Read More What’s in a Face?

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Young At Heart (Redux)

(I’m Christmasing and cleaning and working the Challenge [down 7 pounds thankyouverymuch] and still unpacking right now, so this is a semi-sort-of-repeat, changed a bit) While doing research, I came across this statement: “New adventures await everyone, regardless of age.”  Did you get that?  New adventures!  That actually fits with a statement I have adopted:  “It’s never… Read More Young At Heart (Redux)