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Ch-ch-ch-changes, Part Trois

****Another Most Excellent Journey Update****

I only have 2.5 pounds to go for my (first) 10 pound goal. (See HERE for what prompted this goal-setting)

It’s been slow but STEADY.

I even ate full fat lasagna (*Ahem*. T’was not my fault, Alpha Hubby made me do it with his office party and the 4 containers of lasagna that I’d made [including one habanera inspired one that demanded a taste because you can’t send anything to an office without tasting it first, right?? RIGHT??]. Anyway, 4 containers were sitting on my counter calling to me saying, “Come, come, just one bite won’t hurt you” and there was this evil fork that jumped into my hand…)

Aaaaaand … big breath … and still didn’t gain any weight. How cool is that?

I mean sure, I would love to have dropped 10 pounds the first week but “been there done that gained it back and then some” – so don’t want to do that again.

These Deal-A-Meal cards are ‘da bomb! They are SO easy to follow although Richard is still kicking my bootie with that Sweatin’ to the Oldies tape. I tried the weight training one. FUGITABOUTIT for now – no way. Even using light weights, I couldn’t get past the first couple of exercises. Not and live to tell about it, anyway.

So… soon, my little chickadees, soon. I will be back to tell the tale and will have gotten PAST the humongous mental, physical and emotional block I’ve had for the past year.

Stick to your goals, forgive yourself when you fall. Even better, factor in an occasional slip and work around it. Then you won’t beat yourself up. If you factor in an office party or birthday party, or a lunch out with the girls… you know, all those LIFE experiences that happen and seem to catch us off guard enough to fall off our “diet” wagon. If you face that these things are going to happen and plan ahead what you can do about them to enjoy but experience the least amount of problems, YOU KEEP WINNING.

Case in point – we always, always have spaghetti for Alpha Son’s birthday. This is a given, no deviation. This year Alpha Son emailed and said, “Let’s have grilled food for my birthday. I’ll eat a hot dog and hamburger and that way you can eat whatever it is you are allowed to eat without triggering a wagon fall.” (some paraphrase)

So even he is working with me on this journey. I am surrounded on all sides by people. Good people. People keeping me from chocolate. People stopping me from Granny’s Pound Cake gorges. People helping me. Why am I not happy about that? Oh OK – JUST KIDDING. A support group is very necessary. And it beats those fair-weather friends who say, “Just one bite won’t hurt” or “You’re not that overweight. You look good.” (This last one always amazes me considering how much overweight I am).

In the meantime, HAPPY EASTER! Remember WHO it is about.

9 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes, Part Trois

    1. I worked out with my mom, too!? Only it was about 18 years ago and I wasn't little – little as in YOUNG not little as in not slender!? Well – I wasn't OLD but….? be that as it may, it also brings back such great memories.? Thanks for commenting – checked?out your site – loved the creation of the broccoli and cheese soup!!

  1. Great job on the pounds down!!! I have been holding steady at 210 pounds. Not going down…but not going back up. But the weight seems to have started redistributing itself. I have little muscles in my arms. And my legs are starting to get solid again. So…I don't know. BUT CONGRATS LADY!!!!

    And yes…the comment, “You are beautiful just the way you are” can be oh so detrimental. They may think that they are helping us by boosting our confidence. What they do not know is that they are making it that much more difficult to get moving. They should tell us that we are beautiful on the inside and that they know we are striving to make our inside and outside match and that they will help us however we need them to!!!

    1. Too too true.? It really is detrimental to be told a lie.? That is what it is when one is very overweight and someone says, “You look just fine.”? And that someone is usually a super slender person.??Alpha Hubby's take is that it makes them feel superior.? Mine is that they don't want to hurt your feelings – like you don't have a mirror and already KNOW!
      That's a great way to look at it – striving to make our?outside match our inside!

  2. You are doing so well on your weight loss journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so very proud of you! Keep up the great work!
    Hope that you had a great Easter!

  3. I'm so proud of you! You are doing amazing! And I just love your son, whom I've never met. I love him cuz you can tell A LOT about someone by how they treat there Momma. And him being willing to give up his special birthday dinner to make sure you succeed. What a man! You obviously raised that boy right!

    I am also so happy that we have each other through this journey. I get that, you aren't that overweight comment too. WHATEVER PEOPLE I HAVE A MIRROR….. Thanks for tying to be kind though. I mean if they said YA YOUR BUTT IS HUGE ….I might take offense. Can they win really? Maybe not. LOL

    But we can.

    Cheers to the PAST CHEERLEADERS SPLIT OFF…….Oh ya…..we will rock the splits again some day……. And not the banana split type…….

    Actually………hmmmmmmmmm…… Maybe that is the reward! NO …….FOOD IS NOT A REWARD…..

    Ok, rambling!………It's what I do.

    Love to you and that wonderful son of yours!

    1. Oh, yeah, he is a great guy.? I keep wanting to call him a kid but he'll be 28 this year (!) – I can't take all the credit, tho.? Alpha Hubby's influence from 11-now is what helped trained him to be a man.
      “Food is not a reward” – man that's a tough one.? Everything in our family was around food – all celebfrations and holidays.? Of course I'm the only one who gained weight like I did.?? My bro is the type (like AH) who decides, “OK, I need to pare down” then will.?
      I'd rather people NOT lie to me, even to be kind.? That says they don't think much of me or my ability to face reality.? People who would lie to you are not your friend.? I much prefer the, “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all” way of doing things.
      Old cheerleaders never die; they just split.? Hahahahahaha.? Just split, get it?? Split?? Splits?? Oh never mind, I'm rambling, too.? It's what I do, too!

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