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Christmas… humbug

Oh, I’m not really feeling humbug. Not really. But it was almost hard to get into the spirit of Christmas this year. I mean, really. Imagine being all packed up to move and then not moving! It did change my focus to: what is Christmas really all about?

This? Which is NOT this year’s tree, by the way, since we didn’t decorate a tree. Nope, the tree is packed away – along with our decorations –  for the move that never happened.

 Fireplace2   OR  Aafter 1a  OR Table Holiday

Or maybe this? Except this stuff is not on my acceptable foods list this year.  And since it is my first Christmas without mom who was the cookie meister, no one misses them that much.  Really.  No one.  Oh my gosh, I think I will cry.  Oh wait!  I don’t really miss them since we changed our eating habits.  Well all righty then!  Who’s up for some… celery?  Checking… checking… nope. It’s NOT ME.

christmas cookies

For sure Christmas is NOT this:
christmas shopping  OR THIS:  red gifts

BECAAAUUUSE – if you’re not careful, you’ll get THESE:


And for sure it’s NOT about this guy (who is a MAJOR cause of the previous picture)!


This year, because we aren’t doing the “usual, habitual” things, I’ve ended up focusing on the real spirit of Christmas such as this:

salvation army

Giving.  Take care of those less fortunate who are around you and have so little compared to you.  Pick one charity this year and make a donation worthy of the REAL reason for Christmas – HIM:

   nativity    jesus


christmas candle

4 thoughts on “Christmas… humbug

  1. These pictures are beautiful Nan….and Leland I’m guessing is GLAD there will be NO tree this year, after last years monster tree!! That was funny, but it was SO beautiful. Ya’ll have each other for Christmas, thats the best gift you could ever ask for, because ya’ll adore each other a little more every day, month and year. God is good!! And by next year, who knows what and where you’ll be celebrating Christmas….and, who knows how big the tree will be!!!???
    Love you bunches

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