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My blogger friend Stephanie, over at Momma’s Soapbox, and I are going to start a weekly posting about – hmmm – how should I say this? We don’t quite have a name yet but it will be about our Finding or Keeping Our Inner Aloha.

Steph just spent a month on Maui. Her main goal when returning to the mainland was keeping the inner peace she found living there a month.

We have both been working on improving our lives and becoming Better Me’s – to get better organized; simplify our lives; live the “less can be more” concept; take better care of our health by eating right, exercising, drinking water; get a better handle on finances through budget (and again, organization); protect that romantic side of marriage; and other things.

May sound like a lot to bite off but most topics we are dealing with in our lives are inner-related so when you get the main topic – like organization – it will help fix under topics like finances, housework, etc.

Then I am going to add a weekly thing – don’t know what it’s called – but a blog entirely dedicate to gratitude – thankfulness – saying what you are grateful for.  Too many people focus on the negatives in life and totally miss the most amazing things.  We take so much for granted – our sight and seeing beautiful sunsets – our hearts and their capacity to love so many and so much – our loved ones, and more.  So I want to have one day a week where we simply list things we are grateful for.

I can’t think of any other changes right now – but I hope you will join Momma’s Soapbox and me on our journey to more peaceful lives – and also in thanksfulness! We will be posting our first Aloha posting in a few days! Stay tuned! And yes, all this has everything to do with my LBD journey – didn’t you know? Life can kick you in the teeth and send you straight to the chocolate (unless you learn how to deal with it right)!


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  1. Tammy – dear friend, thank YOU too – ’cause without close REAL friends, you have less to be thankful for – and you have a grey life instead of one bursting with color and laughter – like you do for me. I always end up laughing when we are together – even when we’re talking not so funny topics! We always end up laughing – and that is one of the most valuable things about our friendship!! THANK YOU.

  2. What a great idea – definitely something I, and a lot of other bloggers, could probably benefit from 🙂 Will look forward to reading them!!

    PS. Just stopping by from SITS 🙂

  3. Nan, thats a wonderful idea. FOCUSING on the good things around you each and every day, instead of dwelling on the bad. We all need to remember that all the time. Its easy sometimes to fall into the “woe is me”, but its also easy to remember to kick yourself into remembering all the things God has given us to be thankful for! Sooo many things to be thankful for. Learning to make little adjustments on the way to keep your mind at peace. This is going to be great! Thank you and Stephanie.

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