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Dance With Me


I absolutely totally love this video and Johnny Reid’s Dance With Me. The moments of dance are so intimate – beautiful. Locking eyes. Head resting on chest or shoulder, eyes closed. Hugging. It chokes me up sometimes. I know when I try to sing it to Alpha Hubby, it’s never going to get finished. It makes me emotional

There are three big reasons why Alpha Hubby and I have such an amazing marriage, even after 24.7 years. Well, three reasons and one Alpha.

Our marriage is what it is because of Alpha Hubby (God is first but I’m not going there today). Alpha Hubby absolutely, 100 percent, totally and completely loves me, respects me and walks powerfully in unconditional love. He’d have to, living with me. But, by golly, he unpacked all my baggage and decimated the suitcases, so I’m better than I was.

He does, I’m sure, have moments of mayhem and strangling on his mind – but that’s what makes him so wonderful. He doesn’t lose his mind and follow-through; he doesn’t even have a fit. He rarely loses his temper at me (I think twice in 24 years). He works with me to keep our focus on the good in each other. That right there is probably the Number One thing – keep that focus on the good in the other person because without the focus, you’ll never succeed in Number Two.

Probably the Number Two most important thing (well, it’s first according to him) – is to keep that intimacy strong no matter what. The intimacy between the two of you cannot be sustained without copious amounts of s*x. And I’m not making that up; it’s been a known fact for years. No I’m not going to give references here – google it for yourself.

S*x means focus. Focus is vital to a couple remaining strong together rather than becoming roommates. That hot passion you have when you’re first together? It changes. Not in a bad way, like most people think. No, it morphs into something so precious and vital. It becomes stronger than those feelings you had in the beginning.

You don’t even want to sustain that excitement you had in the beginning. You’d miss out on something so valuable if you didn’t get past it.  In the beginning you’re excited about learning one another so it’s hawt and spicy. After time and remaining intimate, you can become excited BECAUSE you know one another and know how to drive the other person wild.

You don’t depend on the excitement you feel in the beginning of a relationship. You do learn how to keep that hawt and spicy, only better. You know what turns them on. You know what hot buttons to push. You know what they think of as sexy. You know how to set up the perfect rendezvous. You focus on them and giving to them because you know the importance of protecting this in your marriage. It is so vital.

And – together, you know the importance of Number Three – DANCE. Let the world outside disappear. Look in one another’s eyes. That is a private moment between the two of you. Cherish it. It’s all you need to connect or reconnect sometimes.

Dance often. Dance in the kitchen. Dance in the living room. Dance in the bedroom. Dance in the swimming pool, no matter how cold that water gets (today was a shiver day). Dance because. I do because Alpha Hubby loves to dance with me (and not because of what it may lead to; no, he just wants the closeness and romance of it). Hey, I heard that Alpha snicker; you can’t fool me. I know it was you.

And no dance is not a euphemism for s*x – or is it?

I’ll never tell. But… that water sure was COLD! hee hee.

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