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Day 23 When Intimacy is Taken Too Far

I think there comes a time in a relationship where intimacy is taken too far.  I think that while couples should be encouraged to share everything and have no secrets between them, there is still THAT.  THAT which should not be shared in the bedroom, much less anywhere else in the house, or outside.

Oh get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m talking about GERMS.

I swear.  People who go into their offices hacking, wheezing, sniffling, snorting, coughing, with matted-red-eyes and runny noses should be shot in the spot.  No, no!  Drawn and quartered!  Noooo! Boiled in oil!

Not only will this put them out of their misery, it keeps them from sharing their germs with everyone else at the office.  It also keeps those germs in a centralized location rather than spreading throughout the office, and brought home to unsuspecting family members.

The ONLY reason Alpha Hubby was so generous in sharing this intimacy with me is that he lives here.  He brought it home to me, and I didn’t even get to enjoy anything to acquire this gift.  He didn’t even KISS me or hold me or hug me or squeeze me.  I’ve been GYPPED. GYPPED, do you hear me???

Do you not think that if someone is going to share something THIS intimate, one should at least get some form of enjoyment out of it first???  But no.  His thought was that if he didn’t kiss me, he’d keep from sharing this intimacy with me. 

Here I am, flushed with… not not that.  I’m flushed with fever and have a wonky stomach and a runny nose and matted eyes.  I sneeze. I cough.  I have a headache.  I don’t feel goooood – waaaaaaa.  Whine.  Sniffle.

And I didn’t even get kissed first.

Song: You Only Hurt The One You Love

24 thoughts on “Day 23 When Intimacy is Taken Too Far

  1. It’s CRAZY that all this drama came in while we were doing this 30 day challenge – Eric traveling more, Alpha Hubby working more – us getting colds and creeping crud = I think we should have some extra days to make up for it! Think the guys will argue!?

  2. It’s fun to dig up oldies and see how they fit a post. Usually one pops into my mind, then the post comes!

  3. Yeah, yeah, like I go anywhere. And for sure not this week. You were doing a good thing, I just missed your kisses.

  4. He wants to know if you’re crazy? He keeps working and thinks we all should. Grrr. But really, I don’t do the couch or movies – I’m afraid if I lay down, I won’t get up ’cause I’ll wallow in it – so I don’t lay down! Works for me. I feel better today. A little.

  5. Man you are right about that sneezing thing. It’s like you blow your brains out, it’s so strong. Yes, I crossed my legs on your adivce. Thank you. Heh heh heh.

  6. Oh dear. Garb a box of tissues and a blanket and snuggle up on the couch to watch girlie movies, while hubby waits on you 🙂

  7. Tam – So if she had given it to me would she have to sleep in the barn? I thought I was doing a good thing. I think she went to town and got her own!

    1. Well, I don’t know bout her sleeping in the barn…that might be dangerous for you if it got that far!! LOL. Just kidding. Yeah, can’t keep her outa town!! LOL. Glad ya’ll are feeling better, and STAY that way, so she won’t have to miss the kisses.rnLove ya’llrnTam

  8. Welcome to the sick club. Sit down, grab a tissue, some advil and cough syrup. oh and, from personal experience…cross your legs TIGHTLY when you sneeze. Feel better soon girlio.

  9. Leland has always been so generous Nan, bless his heart, you should have made him sleep in the BARN for a couple of days…you hear that Mr Leland?? Now look what you’ve done to my bestest friend!! Bless her little heart, (Nan, I know you love that saying). Well, I hope you and he both feel better soon. Love you bunches, Tam

  10. I agree with Mercedes, the songs are as great as the posts. I mean, come on You Always Hurt the One You Love? That is so funny. I remember this song from my mom singing it so it was a good memory too.

  11. You always seem to get the right song to go with your posts. I think I look forward to the songs as much as your posts!

  12. OK babe you may not have broken my heart, crushed roses, or whatever else this songs says – but you shared! SHARED. I want my kiss tonight, got that???

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