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Ding Dong the Witch… um, mouse…

MICE! ARE! GONE!  Gone, gone, gone.  I am very happy to report Alpha Hubby saved the day – again.  I didn’t even know there were two (no, make that THREE) mice so while I don’t know what he did with them (classic “don’t ask and he won’t tell”), I know they are gone and I am once again free to roam our home without fear.

I got to thinking about how moving is really good for your diet.  You don’t want to buy too many groceries since you’ll have to pack them to move them.  You get so busy packing up and going through stuff to take to Salvation Army, you forget to eat.  That last is the best part of all!  My pants are actually getting so loose, I may have to retire them.  OH you have NO idea how happy that makes me.

It doesn’t even make me sad since I am the type of person that when I find some awesome item, I end up buying two.  This time, when I discovered the cool slacks at an outlet store (Liz Claiborne), I bought three pair – two in the size I was then and one in the size I planned to go back down to.  I am finally, finally heading quickly to that last pair – oh joyus day!  Of course, once I’m out of that pair, what am I going to do?   Hmmm, maybe I should have bought a pair in each size down to goal weight.  Nah! I can enjoy finding new slacks in SMALLER sizes.

So, this is what my hallway looks like right now:

Hallway Boxes

 And this is what my lovely Alpha Hubby says he bought for “me” –

Red Dolly

Which doesn’t look ANYTHING like this:


WHERE have I gone wrong??

Oh baby, I’m just kidding.  I love the new RED dolly – really.  And I really will use it and enjoy having it for moving boxes from the garage to the house.  I just had to poke at you for your really thoughtful gift you say you bought just for me.  Ummm, yep, sure.  Whatever helps you sleep at night (snicker).

3 thoughts on “Ding Dong the Witch… um, mouse…

  1. I hate mice too. I like rings, though. And I hate moving more than I hate mice. If I have to move again, i am hiring a professional service!!!

  2. And that is just some of your stuff. I only have one small box.

    As for your mice thing, I am the one who faces the wrath of mice lovers all over the world. How would you like to be called “mouse killer” where ever you go!!!!!!

    Actually it doesn’t bother me at all. Ha.

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