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Drop Like Flies

In the book I’m reading by Crystal Phillips, “The Me I Knew I Could Be” she talks about friends who started the diet and exercise program with her.  They began dropping like flies when life got in the way – or it was too cold to walk – or it was raining – or whatever reason came up that they stopped.  She had to keep going even when everyone around her quit on her.

One minister I know made this statement, “If you always need a cheerleader to prop you up, you are not really committed and won’t make it.”  He wasn’t saying that we don’t need encouragement.  He was saying that if you can’t go on without someone holding your hand and prompting you every step of the way, you will fail when they stop being there for you. 

I was thinking about all the people who were excited about this journal and declared, “We’re with you! We know we need to lose weight and we are going to join you.”  Dropped like flies.

You have to know why you are doing what you are doing and it has to be a good enough reason to keep you going when the going gets rough.  In diligence lies the reward.  Without it, this will just be another failure I chalk up down the line. 

I don’t want to be in pain, I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be fat, and I sure don’t want to die young.  Those are my second reasons.  Third reason but always in the back of my mind is that I want to look good for my husband.  The #1 reason is that I want to honor God by taking care of the “temple” or body that He gave me.  I will not quit even if no one goes with me.  Qitting is no longer an option.