Next week my baby – BABY, ya’ll – turns 28.  HOW did this happen SO QUICKLY?

These two are getting married next Tuesday in Vegas.  By Elvis.

We are all going to have a great time.  While they play at the Planet Hollywood Towers, Alpha Hubby and I will be playing at the Bellagio with its many restuarants and Jean Philippe Patisserie.

Why, NO, I won’t be indulging. Why do you ask? Hey, there has to be some sort of payback for going through 13 agonizing drugged out of my mind (ever heard of the Twilight Drug? Good stuff man. You still feel the pain but ya just don’t care!) *ahem* – drugged out of my mind hours of labor 28 years ago, right? RIGHT? OK, I promise, I will look and not touch. Smell and not grab. Drool and not embarrass myself. Promise. Yeah. Sure.

WHERE did all the time go to?  I mean, I just went into labor – on Labor Day (which caused NO end of joking from the labor room nurses) – 28 years ago.  HOW did he grow up so fast?


CONGRATULATIONS Josh and LieghAnn, Sept. 7, 2010

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