People usually are a wee bit more aware of things they have to be thankful for during the upcoming American holiday season.  Thanksgiving brings that out in us!  It isn’t just the thought of football, food and visits with loved ones.  To me, it is a prompting to find things to be grateful for outside those parameters!!

I’m going to do a few posts between now and Thanksgiving day to list things I am grateful for. 

1 – Cell phone cameras!  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been out and about and thought, “Oh man! I wish I had my camera with me.”  Now I just have to remember that my cell phone HAS a camera option!  Here are a couple of shots I took with my cell phone.  (Some pix enlarge when you click on them)

Sunset, National Seashore in Texas

The two below are of the sunset along I-40, Arkansas (cropped to take out highway traffic)

 Stuck in a storm, pulled over behind a restuarant to get out of the slashing wind and rain!  The road is flooded.

 2 – Haircolor.  I finally gave up trying to cover my beautiful amazing stunning glorious grey white hair.  No matter what color the stylist did, the color on the glaring lovely white roots would immediately fade and I looked like I had huge bald spots instead of white hair (because the hair was the same color as my scalp).  Last year, I tried just letting the grey act like highlights. Yeah, ok.  Maybe not the best choice.  I felt like Cruella D’Ville (not to mention I have no idea what color that brownish mess is that was slapped on the rest of my hair):

But with the help of bottles of lovely color, a few weeks ago, my current sytlist opted to work with the white and I think she did a pretty good job – you can’t really tell which is real and which is white.  Right??  Well, to me it is a little better so I’m grateful.  Cell phone pictures don’t always look good – I mean, in real life?  I am only 25 (I know, I know – a rough 25.  Really! What? You don’t believe me?  Well OK.  Maybe I am somewhere south of twenty-thirty) and I really have thick wavy hair.  No, not really.  A girl can dream, tho.  Or wear wigs – of which I have 7. 

3 – Makeup.  What? You thought I was going to be deep?  That’s for later.  Right now, I baring my soul here and being honest.  Makeup.  I love makeup.  I don’t want to be without makeup.  Makeup is… well, OK.  It’s not my LIFE, but let us just say that being blonde means that without makeup I have no eyelashes or eyebrows.  Oh, they are there, light blonde, but I look washed out and just pure naked.  People think makeup is a waste of time but I’ve been wearing it soooo long (no, I’m not going to say how long), that it really doesn’t take much time to slap some on.  I heard a preacher say once, “Any old barn looks better with a coat of paint.” 

Alpha Hubby loves makeup, too – although I will say the most romantic thing he ever said to me was, “You look beautiful” when I wasn’t wearing makeup.  Then again, that WAS the first year we were married.  He may have been blinded by lust love.

4 – Home.   Of all the things, I am truly grateful for my home.  Oh, not just the building I live in – the house part – but that this place is truly a home – where love is.  Where happiness and laughter abide.  Where I am considered a gift to my loved ones.  Where peace surrounds me and those who stop by for awhile.  Never underestimate the power of home.

What are you grateful for today?