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From Our House to Yours

Alpha Hubby and I are very blessed.  Our meeting was blessed.  Our life has been blessed and we work hard to keep our marriage blessed. 

We do work hard to protect what we have.  It doesn’t just fall into our laps, waking up every morning singing Disney songs and skipping fa-la-la-la-la to and fro, blowing kisses to one another, ever smiling and kissy-kissy all. the. time.  Who could live that way anyway?   You’d have to keep an eye out constantly with all those cartoon twittering birds flying over your heads.
No; the only reason we are what we are together and have what we have is because of our belief in and walk with God.  And without Jesus, we wouldn’t even be alive, much less where we are together.  Based on our old lives, we both should be dead.  For us, He is real, He is alive, and He is Who we honor today.
So today we celebrate a blessed holiday – holy and sanctified (set apart), because Jesus is worthy of adoration, reverence (honor, awe) and worship.
From our house to yours, may your life be like the story that goes to this picture below.  There was a beautiful tree in my parents yard.  One day it began dying until it reached the point they had to cut it down.  It left a stump they put the garbage can on for the garbage man to pick up.  My son burned it in an attempt to help get rid of the stump.  It was worthless.  Dead.  Lifeless.  Useless.  Many knew it was finished.
One day I went to visit my mom and for some reason I stopped to look at the tree stump.  It was amazing.  In the middle of the stump new life was beginning.  As the dead edges of the stump began falling away, the little life continued to grow.  It so amazed me, I had Alpha Hubby take a picture of it for me to remind me new life can rise out of the ashes.
New life.  In the middle of dead a tree stump.  New life fighting it’s way through the dead stump, aiming for the light above.  New life.  In the middle of something everyone had considered lifeless, useless, finished.
Life.  When you aim toward the Light, new life will take hold and grow. 
May you live it to the fullest.

12 thoughts on “From Our House to Yours

  1. This is absolutely essential and beautiful. I have recently accepted Jesus into my heart and He has rocked my world into an amazing, trusting, hopeful, beautiful place. I am praying every day that my husband will open his heart to Jesus so we can raise our children in His light and love. My husband is strong and thoughtful and just, but he has become embittered toward the christian faith. As soon as Jesus works this miracle I know we will grow leaps and bounds in God’s light.
    Peace to you and your family!! May you all continue to grow in His light and loving embrace:)

  2. Nan, I too marvel at the tenacity of Mother Nature to rise and make her presence known. There’s no stifling nature. As I read your post, I realized how vital it is to have God present in one’s relationship and family. In my opinion, without His guidance, we’re navigating without a compass. There isn’t a time when I take on a new project, make a decision, or simply rise from bed without saying, “Lord, you are my driver. I’m riding shotgun!” Alpha Hubby’s comment made me sigh. You are truly blessed to have this beautiful relationship. As always, I live vicariously through you! 🙂

  3. Oh Nan… How is it that you seem to creep right into my brain when you write? What an incredibly beautiful post. I could never sum it up quite the way you do, but you and I seem to have been given so many of the same gifts. (Not to sound all stalker-ish or anything, but I count having “met” you as one of those gifts) :~) Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with every post you write. I hope you had a joyous and blessed Easter. ~Mary

  4. My life was dead, until I met you. Seeing the sparkle in your eyes gave the light I needed for a new life. Because of the light you gave me, I am what I am now and will continue growing and expanding. Always growing toward the light.

  5. This is my first visit to your site and what a beautiful post. Love your words. Love how much you treasure your marriage and work at it so it is its very best. Happy Easter to you!

  6. I like your ressurection story. It touched my heart. That little tree had to struggle through all that dead stuff just to reach the light. It it wonderful how the world renews itself.

  7. —OOooo, Nan,
    I so appreciate that green little tree reaching her little arms / branches toward the light…

    Beautifully & powerfully symbolic.

    Peace. Love.

    He is Risen.

    Xxx Kisses. Hope you had a nice day.

  8. What an interesting post. I love how you ended it with that picture. Dead tree stump with new life coming out of it. Such hope for those whose lives are a mess. I just really like how you worded this. Subtle and gentle but celebrating Easter your way. Thank you for sharing this.

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