So – I’m sitting here admiring my room service cart and can’t take a picture of it because Alpha Hubby is on a walkabout and took the camera.  I know he’ll get some great pictures but I sure wanted to show you my amazingly beautiful cart!!

I’m sipping fresh watermelon juice that is in a small bottle nestled in it’s own ice bucket.  The Bellagio Crab Eggs Benedict is so pretty I hate to disturb it with a fork and knife!  I know it will taste amazing but I’m drinking my first cuppa before I do anything.  I have to admit, the Bellagio staff creates a beautiful presentation in everything they do.  The service is so exceptional you feel like royalty.

I have a lot of amazing pictures.  Still kicking myself over that cord that was left behind.  I guess you could use this as an Aloha Peaceful Life posting – since one of the best Peaceful Tips I can give you is to pack carefully and in-advance!!!  I so didn’t want to go on this road trip at first so I put off everything.  Packing at the last minute leads to a lot of “Where’s this and that?” and “I CAN’T believe you forgot to bring that” or “Ugh, why did I bring so much when less would have done just as well?” 

I know the answer to that last one – when you don’t make a good list and write things down, you take too much to cover the “just in cases” – just in case you don’t have enough clothes, makeup, gadgets, books, magazines, blah blah blah.  Advance preparation is godly.  Just like cleanliness.

So that’s it today from the road – OH – the wedding was last night – I have to say Elvis looks pretty darn good for a dead guy!  The wedding was really sweet – not tacky at all.  The chapel was beautiful and the entire “show” was so special. 

While it may not be traditional to be married in Vegas by Elvis wearing shorts and flip flops (him) or a pretty summer green and black dress (her), there was enough tradition to make this mama tear up – a bit!  She cried (from biting her lip to keep from crying) and he danced (who knew he could?) and it was just perfect.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel – for your traditional and non-traditional wedding!  Then, of course, afterward, you must have a non-traditional wedding dinner, right:

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Cafe – very yum.  Very unique.  Very interesting.  Very fitting for this wedding party!

I was also able to pick up some beautiful pastries from the Jean-Phillippe Patisserre – looked like little miniature wedding cakes – much too beautiful to eat!

My Crab Eggs Benedict are awaiting me on my *ahem* (am I spoiled, oh yes I am) china plate, with my beautiful silver, flowers and I just have to go now – see ya!