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From the Road Numero Tre

We just arrived home (it’s 3 am – we’ve been home since 12:30 am) – safe and sound from a two day run back from Vegas.  I have so much to share but HAVE to get into a real bed.  The ones we stayed in on the road were HARD and awful and Alpha Hubby swears that the one last night sank in the middle and rolled him out of bed all night.  I wouldn’t know – I was passed out (ho).

I do have to say – WOW WOW and more WOW – ’cause I came home and found a whole lot of new blogging e-friends and new blogs to check out because of Java’s Never Growing Old blog today (yesterday?).  She randomly picked my blog to be featured on her website as the featured blog this week!!  What an honor and excitement and just the neatest thing to come home to.  THANK YOU JAVA!

I already miss the service we received at the Bellagio – oh and my goodness – the last night we were there, we ate at Circo, a family owned Italian restuarant who’s ad says, “A rustic taste of Tuscany provides for a romantic Las Vegas restaurant experience.”  I say, “Amen.”  Circo specializes in Tuscan cuisine, homemade pastas, grilled meats and fish, as well as hot and cold appetizers.

May I just say –  meraviglioso?  It was WONDERFUL.

I’ll tell more tomorrow – right now I must get my bitty body to bed and dream of room service, silver, $8 water bottles, and Italian waiters who bring you the most squisito food.

Thank you for letting me share my road trip with you along with my son’s fun wedding! Until tomorrow, when I’m awake – really!

4 thoughts on “From the Road Numero Tre

  1. Isn’t Java great?!? Was so excited for you Miss Nan! When I saw your blog was chosen I was like “wooooo hooooooo”. Ok, I just sounded like my daughter.. “And I was like, and then he was like and we were like and he’s all and she’s all “… Is it just a California thing or is that everywhere?

  2. It’s hard coming home from such a pampering vacation, isn’t it? You almost need a vacation from the vacation to get ready for the real world. I found your blog on “Never Growing Old”. Congrats. on being the featured post. I love your blog :0

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