From the Road

September 7th, 2010

Two days.  A very interesting two days.  Alpha Hubby forgot the cord to the camera so I can’t post pix until I return.  Not sure I have many to post – I’m learning that there are some desolated areas in this good old US of A!

We drove to Las Vegas since Alpha Hubby and I like road trips – we have the best time together!  This time, as we drove across each state, I noticed that there really wasn’t a lot to see on I-40 – lots of vast areas of land – some with grass, a lot with miles with Juniper and Mesquite.  LOTS of it.  Mile after mile after mile – juniper, mesquite, sand, rocks…

The biggest change in each State is the color of dirt.  My favorite by far is Arizona’s pink dirt with lime green bushes.

I have done fairly well on my eating plan – i.e., this translates into NOT EATING LIKE A PIG ON THE ROAD.  I’m saving it for a big blow out at least one night at a restaurant in the Bellagio.  I’m thinking Italian with fresh olive oil and bread!

We are staying in the Bellagio – beautiful fountains and all – and yes, they are amazingly beautiful, especially at night.

They play every 30 minutes until 8 pm; then every 15 minutes – beautiful – but you can also see them from the room – and HEAR them – the big whoomp when the tallest fountains shoot up, then hit the water.  Sure hope that doesn’t keep me up – they continue on until midnight!

I was warned about hookers and to never take a card handed to you by a stranger (naked women and prostitution).  We didn’t have any problems yet – but I can tell you I’ve seen some very interesting clothing items.  I will not get off my diet.  There is a preponderance of women wearing skin tight clothing… who shouldn’t be.  Lord.  My eyes! My eyes!

I am falling asleep over the keyboard – time change is a bootie kicker.  I’ll post more later – just wanted to check in for those of you reading.  Tomorrow night, Elvis will come back into the building to officiate over son’s wedding!  Whoo hoo!

See ya soon!

3 Responses to “From the Road”

  1. Cate says:

    Wow – the hotel and fountain looks impressive. Go you for sticking to a food plan too -I always have excuses to throw mine out the window – especially when traveling.

  2. Southsky says:

    Have a great time there and I’m happy for you. It’s alot of fun and hope you can do some shopping.rnBest Bren.

  3. Java says:

    Wow I’ve never been to Vegas! Lots of things to look at I’m sure!! I’ve heard of that hotel and it looks beautiful!!nnI hope you guys have a great time and I’ll be watching for some pictures!

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